Amanda Cheeseburger
Some Attributes
First 5th Place finisher in Benvivor:ThatShittyOneWeWIllNeverSpeakOfAgain
Second Likes free food
Third Hates everything that isn't free food
Other Attributes

Amanda Cheeseburger was a castaway on Benvivor:ThatShittyOneWeWIllNeverSpeakOfAgain. She is most remembered for making critical of every single little thing that happened and only joining for free food.


Name (Age): Amanda Cheeseburger (29)
Tribe Designation: ButterPecanPies and GODDESSSMERGETRIBE
Current Residence: Sandwich Islands
Occupation: Pharmaceutical Sales Rep.
Personal Claim to Fame: Won a hot dog eating contest then complained about how much the hot dogs sucked
Inspiration in Life: Cake... the band
Hobbies: Eating, cooking, and complaining
Pet Peeves: Annoying people, people who don't have free food at their houses
3 Words to Describe You: Cranky, pessimistic, hungry
SURVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like: Kel Gleason
Reason for being on BENVIVOR: I wanted free food.
Why you think you'll "survive" BENVIVOR: I'll have free food.
Why you think you will be the sole BENVIVOR: I'll have free food.


Amanda's Voting History
Day Amanda's
Voted Against
1 Ania -
2 Ania; Ania -
3 Farah -
4 Paula Cherry, Paula
5 Amethyst Amethyst, Cherry, Gary
Voted Off, Day 5
Voted for
Sole Benvivor

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