Some Attributes
First Sixth place finisher of Ovivor: Fans vs. Favorites.
Second Evil bat king/"mastermind".
Third Made out of shadows.
Other Attributes
Fourth Played two idols, both on Nekci Menij.

Antasma was a contestant in Ovivor: Micronesia - Fans vs Favorites. He was known for compulsively making bat noises and talking like Dracula, and for having "alliances" with Nekci Menij and CeilingFan, but not listening to any of them and voting against his alliance partners every single Tribal Council. He also frequently sabotaged his team (like gratest villian evr tannr smuth!!!!) by peeing in the rice and putting poisonous chemicals in Leafy's tea, then denying it. He was pressured into giving two of his idols to Nekci but was blindsided by her, ruining his plans to blindside her later.


Name (Age): Antasma (???)
Tribe Designation: Airai and Dabu
Current Residence: Pi'illo Kingdom
Occupation: Bat King
Personal Claim to Fame: Teaming up vith Bowser to destroy the Pi'illo Kingdom! SCREEEEEEK!
Inspiration in Life: Vut is zis question?! I hate everyone!
Hobbies: Destroying kingdoms, cackling
Pet Peeves: Ven plumbers foil my plans, and ven glitches from derpy 3DSes prevent me from vinning battles against said plumbers.
3 Words to Describe You: Evil, spectacular, and very saucy! SCREEEEEEBTH!
OVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like: Masaki Hearts, because nobody remembers him and nobody vill remember me ven I WIPE THEIR MEMORIES CLEAR AFTER ELIMINATING ZEM!
Reason for being on OVIVOR: To spread darkness through the world! SCREEEHEEEEECH!
Why you think you'll "survive" OVIVOR: I vill manipulate zem ALL! MUAHAHAHA!
Why you think you will be the sole OVIVOR: Zey vill bow down to me, Antasma, King of the Bats! SCREEEEEEEORCH!

Ovivor: Micronesia - Fans vs FavoritesEdit

Coming whenever.


  • He was played by Toadgamer80, and was his first real attempt at a villain
    • He was also his second Ovivor character to be based on a Mario & Luigi: Dream Team character, the first being Big Massif.
  • I had planned to have a troll villain character since June 2013.

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