Artie Martin
Harrad, Esined
Large 702361
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Place 1st
Friends Jesse, Tanner
Actor Jaxswim (Costa Rica), CK (All-Stars)
Artie Martin was the winner of Ovivor: Costa Rica. He is most remembered for winning the season and being the first Ovivor winner. 



Voting HistoryEdit

Artie's Voting History
Day Artie's
Voted Against
1 Did not attend Tribal -
2 Did not attend Tribal -
3 Did not attend Tribal -
4 DancingLobster -
5 Noel -
6 Isabel -
7 Tanner -
8 (FTC) - Quas, Tanner, and x


  • Artie was the first winner of any Ovivor season.
  • Artie never recieved a vote against him.

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