Number Character Reasoning Roleplay(s) Tribe(s)/House Affiliation Place
20th Toph Bei Fong Redvivor: Greece (Fans vs Favorites) Google Chronos 4th
Dr. Zeus
R'hllors's Hoes
19th Brock Redvivor: Chad  Kanem 2nd/3rd
So Long
18th TacoBellisha Finale: Cirque Du Soliel  ? 11th
17th Brittany S. Pierce Ovivor: Nova Scotia Chenail 7th
4 8 15 16 23 42
16th DooKim Soovyver: Côte d'Ivoire None 9th
15th HogwartsWhiteGirl Dravivor: Rivas Fola 11th
14th LaTasha Lee Ovivor: Ethiopia Kobo 9th
13th TophBeiFong Redvivor: Japan (Second Chances) Eiko 13th
12th MirandaSings Redvivor: Easter Island Nui 8th
Spice of Life
10th RonStoppable TV Stars: Hawaii BIG Bueno Broadway Honolulu SMILES Today In Prison 8th
11th KileySmyth Ovivor: Venezuela La Esmeralda 12th
9th HoneyLemon TV Stars: Las Vegas Mr. No Way Sister Wii Booka Bear With Love 2nd
8th SueSylvester Epicvivor: Patagonia ? 8th
6th JuliaNolan Epicvivor: San Juan del Sur Hunopu 2nd
6th LizNolan Epicvivor: San Juan del Sur Noyopa 5th
7th BrendaMeeks Ovivor: Transylvania Trădare 8th
6th LoooKim Soovyver: Côte d'Ivoire Abobo 2nd
Nooo (sokim) Here
5th LordVoldemort Dravivor: Rivas Ulice 5th
4th Samey Friends & Foes 1 Jury 3rd
3rd TypicalAshChar Redvivor: Peru LimA 6th
3rd Sunshine TV Stars: Paris Casa de Blindside 8th
Rejectvivor: Madagascar ? 1st
2nd Consuela Redvivor: Cook Islands Raro 1st
1st KimPossible Ovivor: Bali Sanur 5th
0th Toph Bei Fong Redvivor: Cabrera Conillera 4th
Amazing, Charming, Rampage of Never Yielding Members
-1st Missy Payne Spacevivor: Baja Blast None 8th

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