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Character Series Season(s)
New Gen
Slaykari Slaykari Epicvivor Patagonia (6th)
AmeliaRose Amelia Rose Epicvivor San Juan del Sur (6th)
Tinsley2 Tinsley** Redvivor Japan (4th)
Rejectvivor Madagascar (3rd)
Gideoncrawle Gideoncrawle TV Stars Broadyway (7th)
Badgrl2 Badgrl2 Friends & Foes I (1st)
AarenGrees Aaren Grees** Rejectvivor Madagascar (6th)
PB PB TV Stars Tokyo (4th)
7ard12 7ard1 Epicvivor Gabon (6th)
SantanaLopez SantanaLopez Ovivor Nova Scotia (5th)
StraightKorra StraightKorra Ovivor Ethiopia (2nd)
Camille Camille Epicvivor San Juan del Sur (8th)
LadyRainicorn2 Lady Rainicorn TV Stars Hawaii (4th)
Kaitlyn Kaitlyn TV Stars Paris (7th)
Peach PrincessPeach Ovivor Ireland (10th)
Conch Conch Ovivor Bali (4th)
Squirrel Squirrel Girl Ovivor Venezuela (9th)
Cuddles Cuddles Redvivor Peru (9th)

- - -

Character Series Season(s)
Old Gen
Seth Seth Darko Epicvivor Malawi (5th)
Blood vs. Water (3rd)
LadyHamsbury Lady Hamsbury Soovyver Acre (5th)
Grandma2 Grandma Epicvivor Cambodia (4th)
BeverlyM Beverly Dravivor Morocco (11th)
Caribbean (4th)
Heroes vs. Villains (6th)
CatwomanPic Catwoman Finale Te Urewera (6th)
Marianna2 Marianna Redvivor Angola (3rd)
Greece (15th)
AarenGrees Aaren Grees** Dravivor San Juan del Sur (16th)
Katy Katy Perry Finale Broadway (2nd)
All-Stars (10th)

Lady Gaga

Dravivor Maldives (5th)
Fans vs. Favorites (1st)
Ryan Ryan Gries Dravivor San Juan del Sur(2nd)
DarkPit2 Dark Pit Dravivor Rivas (1st)
PGP2 Pink Gold Peach Dravivor Rivas (6th)
Nicole2 Nicole Wilson Epicvivor Cambodia (2nd)
Beth Beth Darko Epicvivor Blood vs. Water (11th)
Tinsley2 Tinsley** Redvivor India (4th)
YogaJones Yoga Jones Redvivor Sweden (15th)

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