Okay so I'm going to rank all my RP characters :3


While I did remeber playing him I forget what RP I played him in and what placed. All I remember was that he won a challenge by default which has become a motto among a bunch of my characters


While I did enjoy playing him and liked him a lot he was a first out in a shit RP so...


He's one of my few characters without a gimmick and by few I think the only one. He was basically an average joe character and I didn't have funplaying him even though he made it far.


I loved playing him a lot but I was screwed by the random partners twist and put with a sucky character that a lot of people wanted out.


While I loved playing him and aparently I did a good job self parodying I just think everyone else is far better than him.


A lot of people had a problem with him for trying to jack the host's spotlight and being annoying but that was basically the point. The best part about this character was that after he had been voted out he continued to randomly pop in and host as well as interview contestants on another channel. He was votdd out early so he isn't as high as he could be.

NARRATOR(Dravivor:Morecocko and Dravivor:AllStars)

What a g.od! He was voted out earlier and then returned to the island using the motto "Win By Default" as serveral technichalities happened in RI. He also tried to cause doubt in the minds of everyone and helped mastermind a challenge by making an alliance member on the other team to take a dive. In All Stars he went sort of ooc but I still loved him anyway.

XAVIER(Epicvivor:JaPanic!attheDisco and Epicvivor:HeroesvVillains)

I love Xavier to death. He could be funny he had lots of plot. He interacted nicely with everyone else. I can't explain WHY I love hi so much I just do.

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