Character Roleplay(s) Place
ImagesCAJBMXW0 Edna Mode Dravivor: Cambodia
Dravivor: Fans vs. Favorites
ThCA4EXBAO Maggie Simpson Epicvivor: San Juan Del Sur 10th
Images Melanie Martinez Redvivor: Sweden 10th
BowIcon Bow Finale: Pompeii 10th
NyanCatIcon Nyan Cat Finale: Berwick Castle 3rd
Th Alfe Redvivor: Angola 10th
IggyThumb Iggy Azalea Ovivor: Ethiopia 7th
Untitled (3) Wendy Epicvivor: Cameroon 8th
DuskIcon Dusk Finale: Broadway 8th
Tuntitled 4 Dark Liltih Dravivor: San Juan Del Sur 11th
Tuntitled 5 Light Lila Dravivor: San Juan Del Sur 15th
Berry Berry Spacevivor: Russia 3rd
Gerald Gerald Samson Epicvivor: San Juan Del Sur 14th
Trogue ultimate 002 Rogue Toadvivor: Greece 16th

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