Some Attributes
First Second runner-up of Epicvivor: Gabon.
Second One of the founding members of the #TheXs alliance.
Other Attributes
Fourth Best friends with Laurianne.

Bernice was a contestant on Epicvivor: Gabon. She started the game fresh off the heels of two different relationships, and found Laci and Tori who had recently broken up with boys as well. The three created the Exes alliance and dominated the pre-merge, eventually losing Tori at the merge once they falsely trusted Rita. Bernice eventually made it to the FTC with Laci after winning one immunity and making a #BigMove, getting 3rd place with her only vote being from Nate. She was known for constantly stating her bisexuality, veganism, and Tumblr blog, acting condescending, saying various things were "hella," and not showing any emotion except extreme anger/rage.


cummin soon

Voting HistoryEdit

Epicvivor: GabonEdit


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