Biron Bickham
Some Attributes
First 10th Place in Epicvivor: Cambodia.
Second Biracial Bisexual Billingual Bigot.
Third Hated by christian freak Tiffany.
Other Attributes

Biron Bickham was a contestant in Epicvivor: Cambodia. He is most remembered for being his crush on both Nolan and Nicole, as well as his conflict with christian Tiffany, due to her different views as well as her hatred for homosexuals.


Epicvivor: CambodiaEdit

Biron's Voting History
Episode Biron's
Voted Against
1 Felicity Cecelia, Felicity, Grandma,
Lenny, Nicole, Nolan,
Skeletor, TheLover, Tiffany
Voted Off, Day 3


  • He was played by BrunoSomebody.
  • He is the first Bruno's character to be the first person voted off since Myra Sartain.
    • He is also Bruno's first male character to be the first boot.

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