Blaineley reject

Some Attributes
First 10th Place in Dravivor: Rivas
Winner of Rejectvivor: Australia
Second "I'm Blainerific!"
Third Blindsided by her allies Katie and Sadie in Dravivor: Rivas.
Other Attributes
Fourth Alliance with Mika and Sliemy and Grandma and Fig, but still playing a polarizing game where she'd blindside her allies often and vote for different people in Rejectvivor: Australia.
Fifth Voting her partner Josh off.

Blaineley was a contestant in Dravivor: Rivas - Blood vs. Water, along with her partner Chef Hatchet, where she is mostly known for her brutal blindside by Katie and Sadie, as well as her frenemieship with her partner Chef.

She later returned to Rejectvivor: Australia - Blood vs. Water, with her partner Josh. There, she is mostly remembered for her trainwrecky gameplay, often flipping from her alliances, and later on voting her partner off, as well as her partnership with Sliemy, whom she took to the end and defeated in a close jury vote.


Dravivor: RivasEdit

Blaineley's Voting History
Episode Blaineley's
Voted Against
1 Uisce Tribe Immune
2 Uisce Tribe Immune
3 Pit -
4 Uisce Tribe Immune
5 Elias Elias, Katie, Sadie
Voted Off, Day 12

Rejectvivor: AustraliaEdit

Blaineley's Voting History
Episode Blaineley's
Voted Against
1 Ogabore Tribe Immune
No Tribal Council
2 Ogabore Tribe Immune
3 Ogabore Tribe Immune
4 Ogabore Tribe Immune
5 Morka -
6 Sexygirlxo -
7 Sliemy; Josh Individual Immunity
Nautica -
8 No Tribal Council
Grandma Sliemy
9 Ineligible -
Jury Votes
for Blaineley
Fig, Grandma,
Nautica, Sexygirlxo
Winner, Day 30


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