Some Attributes
First Winner of Ovivor: Ireland.
Second The Koopa King himself.
Third Very evil. Don't anger him.
Other Attributes
Fourth Very close with his beloved son, Bowser Jr., and his main henchman Kamek.

Bowser was the winner of Ovivor: Ireland. He entered the game competing with his lackey Kamek, as well as his frequent kidnapping target (and love interest) Princess Peach. Despite his loud, cantankerous personality and habits of arguing with almost the entire cast, he was able to make it to the end thanks to aligning with new love interest Audrey Middleton, who played an idol on him, as well as finding an idol himself and playing it to eliminate Shia. Facing Kamek in the F2, he won in a close 4-3 vote.


Ovivor: IrelandEdit

Name (Age): Bowser (42)
Tribe designation: Drogheda and An Gorta Mor
Current residence: Bowser's Castle, and you better BELIEVE that! That place is so beautiful, and it's all thanks to my Goomba cleaning crew! Bwa-ha-ha!
Occupation: King of the Koopas, professional evildoer, need I say more?
Personal claim to fame: I've kidnapped Princess Peach over one hundred times, and every time she's spent at least an HOUR in my castle! It's really nice! Sometimes she even gets to hear my stories about when I was in the war. Oh, what an amazing woman.
Inspiration in life: Do you think the King of Awesome needs an inspiration?! If so, you're wrong! I'm my own inspiration!
Hobbies: Destroying Mario, doing Koopa Pilates, bossing around my minions, kidnapping Princess Peach, and telling Junior "Prince Koopert and the Magic Mushroom" bedtime stories! Wait... Scratch that last one! I NEVER said that!
Pet peeves: Do I even have to say it? Mario. He's the WORST. I just hate his bushy 'stache and his arrogant freakin' personality. Mario, if you could just open your eyes and see the truth, Princess Peach likes ME. She just feels sorry for you. Argh!
3 words to describe you: Big, bad... Bowser!
OVIVOR GEN 1 contestant you are most like: Wha? What's this question even SAYING? You think an evil overlord like me has time to watch TV? Haw haw haw! There's no way!
Reason for being on OVIVOR: The kingdom of "Ireland" or whatever it's called looks like a nice one to CONQUER! Plus, I could always use some more dough to revamp the castle and/or bribe Peach with my wealth!
Why you think you'll "survive" OVIVOR: Just look at me! I can survive ANYTHING! I even went to Hell once, and it wasn't that bad at all! These wimps don't know what's about to hit them!
Why you think you will be the sole OVIVOR: I'm a strategic mastermind! I've devised tons of military plans for the Koopa Troop, and they ALWAYS work! ...Well, for at least a week or so.

Ovivor: IrelandEdit


  • Bowser was played by Toadgamer80, and was his first character to win an RP since Marianne in Redvivor: Hawaii.

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