Brad Chadwell
Brad chadwell
Some Attributes
First Winner of RedSurvivor II.
Second Having an alliance with Chester.
Third Having a relationship with Valerie.
Other Attributes

Brad Chadwell was a contestant in RedSurvivor II. He is most remembered for being allied with Chester, for being absent in a huge part of the roleplay, for dating Valerie, and for receiving a Exclusive Content from JEss.


Brad was a beautiful baby. He was a beautiful boy. He is now a beautiful man. He has beautiful eyes too.

RedSurvivor IIEdit


Brad's Voting History
Episode Brad's
Voted Against
1 JEss;
Ineligible -
No Tribal Council
3 JEss -
4 Valerie Dave, TMIM
5 JEss Dave
6 TMIM -
7 - Immunity
Jury Votes
for Brad
Chester, JEss, Valerie, Clarq
Sole Survivor, Day 8


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