Brisbane Joney
The Honey Badgers
Large 704306
Gender Female
Hair color Orange
Eye color Brown
Place 7th
Relationship Cornelius
Nicknames Brisbane, Joney
Actor Jaxswim
 Brisbane Joney was a competitor in Nalyd's RP 1. She was involved with one of the main plots of the season with Cornelius and Logan.



Voting HistoryEdit

Joney's Voting History
Day Joney's
Voted Against
1 Did not attend Tribal -
2 Did not attend Tribal -
3 Johnny Corn, Logan, Wolfgang, Fire, Johnny, and Jake


  • Joney comes from Australia.
  • Joney had the first relationship, with Corn, in Nalyd's RPs.
  • Joney was the first to hold an idol, but gave it up at her elimination to Corn, even though he voted her off.

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