Color CodeEdit

Mildly Like
Die In a Hole

Character Roleplay(s) Place
Dravivor654 rankings Dravivor654 Dravivor: The Lost Islands
Dravivor: All-Stars
Dravivor: Blood vs. Water
TV Stars: Bollywood
11th Place
5th Place
7th Place
Myra rankings Myra Sartain Redvivor: Australia
Firedvivor: Reddy's Redos vs. Fire's Failures
Redvivor: Game Changers
14th Place
3rd Place
10th Place
Phill rankings Phill Shapperds Redvivor: Panama
Redvivor: All-Stars
8th Place
4th Place
Ling-Ling rankings Ling-Ling Chan Epicvivor: The Cursed Islands
Epicvivor: Fans vs. Favorites
6th Place
6th Place
Matt rankings Matt Petters Epicvivor: Midway Island
Epicvivor: Fans vs. Favorites
5th Place
Soo rankings Soo Hok Ovivor: El Salvador
Ovivor: All Stars
10th Place
Ingrid rankings Ingrid Petroyska Survivor: IRC Holidays Winner
London rankings London Tipton Finale: Oaxaca
Finale: All-Stars
8th Place
5th Place
J'tia rankings J'Tia Taylor Ovivor: Manchuria
Rejectvivor: The Amazon
9th Place
3rd Place
Nissim rankings Nissim Ourfali  Epicvivor: Egypt
Epicvivor: Blood vs. Water
8th Place
Blaineley rankings Blaineley Dravivor: Rivas
Rejectvivor: Australia
10th Place
Dan rankings Dan Foley TV Stars: Paris
TV Stars: Superstar Showdown
3rd Place
4th Place
Widow rankings Horny Widow Redvivor: Mamanuca Winner
Bruno rankings Bruno Somebody Firevivor: Brazil 4th Place
Glenda rankings Glenda Mazelwikz SGvivor: Samoa
Rejectvivor: Madagascar
7th Place
10th Place
Eeyore rankings Eeyore Mikavivor: Canada 4th Place
Melisandre rankings Melisandre Redvivor: India
Redvivor: Greece - Fans vs. Favorites
5th Place
7th Place
Raven rankings Raven Baxter Dravivor: Maldives
Dravivor: Fans vs. Favorites
8th Place
6th Place
Tammy rankings Tammy Fujikawa Epicvivor: San Juan del Sur
Epicvivor: Legends
10th Place
Jeecee rankings JeeCee Black Firevivor: Blood vs. Water 9th Place
Chelsey rankings Chelsey SchIoss Toadvivor: Greece 10th Place
Ebenezer rankings Ebenezer Scrooge Christmasvivor 2013 5th Place
Darlene rankings Darlene Alderson Ovivor: Arabia 8th Place
Dory rankings Dory Epicvivor: Cameroon
Epicvivor: All-Stars
5th Place
2nd Place
Juan rankings Juan Ricardo Redvivor: Peru 3rd Place
Buu rankings Majin Buu Friends & Foes 3: Seoul 8th Place
Natalie rankings Natalie Anderson Ovivor: Ethiopia 3rd Place
Biron rankings Biron Bickham Epicvivor: Cambodia
Rejectvivor: Season 1
10th Place
10th Place
Ines rankings Ines Brasil Firevivor: South Pacific
Redvivor: Hawaii
8th Place
6th Place
Valesca rankings Valesca Popozuda Dravivor: Tahiti Winner
Shirin rankings Shirin Oskooi Redvivor: Chad
Redvivor: Japan - Second Chance
5th Place
6th Place
Rjoy rankings Rjoyourjoy1919 Redvivor: Portugal 12th Place
Elissa rankings Elissa Reilly Slater Epicvivor: Japan 2nd Place
YOLOnda rankings YOLOnda Garcia Finale: Broadway 3rd Place
Kristal rankings Kristal Kox Firevivor: North Pole
Firevivor: Blood vs. Water
5th Place
8th Place
Annemaria rankings Anne Maria Fanvivor: Trashy Strip Club 4th Place
Owen rankings Owen Venture: Mumbai 10th Place
Minecraft rankings MinecraftFan2002 Toadvivor: Wisconsin 4th Place
Baylor rankings Baylor Wilson TV Stars: Las Vegas
TV Stars: Road Trip
7th Place
7th Place
Robert rankings Robert Mustechio Dravivor: Shifting Islands 2nd Place
Aphrodite rankings Aphrodite Redvivor: Angola 2nd Place
Carlton rankings Carlton Comby Jaxvivor 12th Place
Josh rankings Josh Rejectvivor: Australia 7th Place
Chef rankings Chef Hatchet Dravivor: Rivas 11th Place
CeCe rankings CeCeHeidikFan69 Dravivor: Blood vs. Water 7th Place
Tommy rankings Tommy Fujikawa Epicvivor: San Juan del Sur 7th Place
Claire rankings Claire Sawyer Redvivor: Cook Islands 4th Place
Kris rankings Kris Ray-Krotted Firevivor: Redemption Island 5th Place
Amy rankings Amy Dravivor: Tocantins 3rd Place
Deathrine rankings Deathrine Darksoul Redvivor: Canada 8th Place
Thicke rankings Robin Thicke Ovivor: Turkey 4th Place
Shaquishalaray rankings Shaquishalaray Survivor: IRC Desert 7th Place
Pam rankings Pamela McQueen Spacevivor: Russia 4th Place
Emo rankings JamezEmo Finale: Te Urewera 8th Place
Pornvati rankings Pornvati Swallow TV Stars: Broadway 8th Place
Princess rankings PrincessSour Epicvivor: Gabon 11th Place
Dawson rankings Sarah Dawson Epicvivor: Egypt 5th Place
Korrine rankings Korrine Caplen Firevivor: Japan Winner
Joffrey rankings Joffrey Baratheon Redvivor: Egypt 14th Place
ChrisMclean rankings Chris McLean CKSurvivor: Singapore 3rd Place
Denise rankings Denise Martin Benvivor: ThatShittyOneWeWIllNeverSpeakOfAgain Winner
Brad rankings Brad Chadwell RedSurvivor II Winner
Herman rankings Herman Shelton Toadvivor: Norway 7th Place
Sundra rankings Sundra Deeas-Tyn Ovivor: Costa Rica 9th Place
Maryannsusan rankings Maryann Susan Ovivor: Brazil 12th Place
Charlie rankings Charlie Hershel Firevivor: Gabon 4th Place
Fransesqua rankings Fransesqua Hogee Firevivor: Japan 3rd Place
Xyliam rankings Xyliam Smith Finale: Cirque du Soleil 3rd Place
Julie rankings Julie McGee Friends & Foes 1 9th Place
Dexter rankings Dexter Redvivor: Sweden 2nd/3rd Place
Erika rankings Erika Jordan Firevivor: Robot Pirate Island 10th Place
Katie rankings Katie Dravivor: China 6th Place
Sadie rankings Sadie Dravivor: China 8th Place
Rebbekah rankings Rebbekah Gray DukeVivor 2nd Place
Kimjongun rankings Kim Jong-un Dravivor: Romania 5th Place
Orange rankings The Annoying Orange Dravivor: New Zealand 5th Place
TanyaTanya rankings TanyaTanya Epicvivor: Blood vs. Water 16th Place

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