Contestant Season Username Days Lasted
Constance Martinique That Epic 1
UnluckyBrandon Martinique That Epic 1
FloMachine Martinique 1dra7 2
Larry Martinique Avery FireFlame 3
Geraffe Martinique Thebiggesttdifan 4
Lorde Martinique Owenandheatherfan 5
Chef Martinique LongLiveLion 6
KatiePerri Martinique Jaxswim 7
Bubblegum Martinique Jaxswim 8
Colleen Martinique Shadowgeoff 8
Jenna Singapore Snowgirl57 1
LiterallyMe Singapore 1dra7 1
Marty Singapore Sunslicer2 2
Karisma Singapore Owenandheatherfan 3
Alice Singapore Mr. Blonde 4
RobThomas Singapore NateNJ14 5
EnTrey Singapore Avery FireFlame 6
RatherLargeFish Singapore Mister.. E. 7
Nalyd Singapore Nalyd Renrut 8
ChrisMcLean Singapore BrunoSomebody 9
LILB Singapore Toadgamer80 10
Curlos Singapore Shadowgeoff 10
Non-Canon Seasons

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