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Some Attributes
First In a relationship with Rory from all of the same seasons.
Second Has attempted betrayal of Rory in both of her seasons but could not complete it because of his penis.
Third Loves puppies
Other Attributes
Fourth Flipped on both alliances back and forth in BvW and even managed to hide it until FTC with Seth and Nissim taking the blame.
Fifth Shaved Ice
Sixth is probably the first RP character to ever get played 6 times
Cat Valentine was a competitor in Epicvivor: Midway Island, Epicvivor: Fans vs Favorites, Epicvivor: Heroes vs Villains, and Epicvivor: Blood vs Water. She placed 8th, 4th, and 4th respectively, and was the sole survivor of Blood vs Water. She competed with fellow Midway Island castaway Rory, and has since married him and had a child named Bibble. He competed with her on Epicvivor: Blood vs Water and got 5th place.

Cat has played a total of 109 days in Epicvivor.

She came to CKSurvivor: Indonesia and disguised herself as a parody. She played until day 9, when she was voted out 3-2 and got 5th place.

She came to Fritzvivor: My Mother's Basement and got 2nd place because she finally was able to work with Rory successfully and somewhat Sabrina until she decided to turn on Cat (again).


Name (Age): Catrina Valentine (18)
Inspiration in Life: PUPPIES<33333333333333333333
Hobbies: I like to eat shaved ice and glare at pictures of kittens<3
Pet Peeves: That feeling people give to you when they're all awkward and stuff and pretend they like what you're doing when they don't and then you think about puppies and the possibility of the afterlife impregnating you with irrelevance and unusual appetites of chocolate and mayonaise and puppies that sacrifice your family to satan :(
3 Words to Describe You: Adorable, Cute, PUPPIES<333333
If You Could Have 3 Things on The Island What Would They Be and Why? 1) Rory(:

2) My new album: C A T

3) PUPPIES<3333
SURVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like: I'm like Purple Kelly cuz Purple is just so fab!
Reason for Being on SURVIVOR: To advertise my next album!!!!
Why You Think You’ll “Survive” SURVIVOR: idk but PUPPIES<33

Why You Think You Will Be the Sole SURVIVOR: I probably won't but I do like singing and puppies<3

Epicvivor: Midway IslandEdit

Cat's Voting History
Day Cat's
Voted Against
3 Lajuju Tribe Immune
6 Lajuju Tribe Immune
9 Lajuju Tribe Immune
12 Lajuju Tribe Immune
15 Lajuju Tribe Immune
18 Rory

Fritz, Benson, Matt

Nacho Man

Voted Out, Day 18

Voted For

Sole Survivor


Epicvivor: Fans vs FavoritesEdit

Cat's Voting History
Day Cat's
Voted Against
3 Favorites Tribe Immune
6 Favorites Tribe Immune
9 Favorites Tribe Immune
12 Benson -
15 Quentin -
18 Steven -
21 Kelly -
24 Ling-Ling Ling-Ling, Matt
27 Matt Peters Matt
30 Marcus Fritz, Rory, Marcus
Voted Out, Day 24

Voted For

Sole Survivor


Epicvivor: Heroes vs VillainsEdit

Cat's Voting History
Day Cat's
Voted Against
3 Larissa -
6 Heroes Tribe Immune
9 Heroes Tribe Immune
12 Gil Trish, Vanessa
15 Gil Trish



21 Vanessa Ineligible
24 Trish -
27 Sergeant Individual Immunity
30 Xavier Fritz, Emma
Voted Out, Day 30

Voted For

Sole Survivor


Epicvivor: Blood vs WaterEdit

Cat's Voting History
Day Cat's
Voted Against
1 Tisha -
3 GaWrong Tribe Immune
6 GaWrong Tribe Immune
9 Nissim -
12 GaWrong Tribe Immune
15 GaWrong Tribe Immune
18 AveryVirgin -
21 Jade -
21 Xavier -
27 Nissim -
27 Katie Individual Immunity
30 Sydney Individual Immunity
33 Bibble Fahrwood, Samuel



Individual Immunity
Winner, Day 37
Votes for Cat

AveryVirgin, Bibble, Farhwood,

Nissim; Seth

CKSurvivor: IndonesiaEdit

Cat's Voting History
Day Cat's
Voted Against
3 Dora Tito, LongDuck
6 Dory Tito, LongDuck
9 Tito Tito, LongDuck, Honey
Voted Out, Day 9

Voted For

Sole Survivor


Fritzvivor: My Mother's BasementEdit

Cat's Voting History
"Day" Cat's
Voted Against
3 iPads Immune
6 iPads Immune
9 JaxBottom -
9 JaxTop Ejected
12 Baecon -
15 Cody -
15 MommaFritz Removed
Runner Up, "Day" 18

Jury Votes For Cat

Cat, Bibble, Cody,

BobTheCow, LuckyLollipop

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