Some Attributes
First 8th place and second jury member of Redvivor: China.
Second Has a tumultuous relationship with Cole.
Third One of those ^_^ types.
Other Attributes
Fourth The first contestant in Redvivor history to be rocked out (the second being Cole himself) and thus is now a part of Katie Collins' Geology Club.

Christine was a contestant in Redvivor: China and Redvivor: Japan.

In China, Christine started the game as a young teenage girl who Cole Clemence was strangely attracted to despite hating women, and attempted to be nice to practically everyone, but let her emotions get the best of her constantly. She was then rocked out at the final 8 due to refusing to flip and vote out Cole.

Christine returned for the Second Chances season, Redvivor: Japan, with Sarah from her previous season. In Japan, she bonded with Shirin Oskooi quickly, but alienated many of the other contestants, such as Tinsley, due to her emotional and cheerful nature. She managed to make it to the merge, but was voted out at the final 10 in a 6-4 vote.


Name (Age): Christine (18)
Tribe Designation: Fei Wrong and CHRISTINE
Current Residence: Detroit, MI
Occupation: G.oddess
Personal Claim to Fame: Memorizing every line in the first Harry Potter book!
Inspiration in Life: My entire family because they are ALWAYS there for me.
Hobbies: Soccer, learning about whales, shaving my legs, flirting
Pet Peeves: Autocorrect
3 Words to Describe You: Cheerful, emotional and romantic!
REDVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like: Gia! ...I hope. I really liked her determination and everything else about her other than getting drunk at the Final Tribal Council.
Reason for being on REDVIVOR: To prove that I'm not just your generic, everyday blonde!
Why you think you'll "survive" REDVIVOR: I have gone to tons of different islands before thanks to my parents being obscenely rich. I have a taste of the beach culture!
Why you think you will be the sole REDVIVOR: I'm a social person who can adapt to her surroundings reeeally easily!

Voting HistoryEdit

Redvivor: ChinaEdit

# Christine's
Votes Against
1 Fei Wrong Tribe Immune
2 Lavender -
3 ITzGoAtz -
4 Michael -
5 Marie;
Eliminated, Day 15
Voted for
Sole Redvivor


  • She was played by Toadgamer80.
  • Christine was kind of a last-minute character (like most of my characters) and was inspired by a g.oddess I met on a Whale Club trip.
  • Christine is so far my only character to get rocked out.

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