Cole Clemence

James Badge Dale


Some Attributes
First Hates women
Second In love with Christine
Third Especially hates Sarah, Mercy, and Gia.
Other Attributes
Fourth Was epically blindsided
Fifth Is not gay tbh
Sixth Thinks Saison is the most annoying person ever
Cole Clemence is a contestant from Redvivor: China. Cole came into the game as a sexist pig, immediately creating bad relationships, mostly with Sarah. Cole is most remembered for his relationship with Christine, surviving through multiple ties against him, helping to get Marie to flip against Sarah and GinaMarie, and ultimately being blindsded by his closest ally, Mercy.

Cole later returned in Redvivor: All-Stars with a huge target on his back. He immediately joined the reluctant #ChinaAlliance, with Marie and Mercy. Mercy and Cole were still bitter from the events in China, and Cole quickly became enemies with Gia and Marianne. In an effort to create a "Guys' Alliance" and take down Phill and Gia, Cole recruited Vince, Ezekiel, and Matt. Cole was rocked out when Gia and Vince were voted and went to rocks.


  • Cole was played by Avery FireFlame.
  • Cole holds the record for most votes against him in any RP, with 25.
  • Ironically, Cole has received the most votes against him, but was rocked out in his second season.

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