This page is meant to be a compliation...of, well, twists in RPs. Feel free to add crap or whatever because we're the only ones who can see this SOOOO-

Twists Pertaining to the Main GameEdit


One or two players compete to return to the competition OR are voted in in some form or fashion. It is common that the returnee is immune for their first tribal council.

Redemption IslandEdit

Two/Three people duel every challenge, sending one or more people home in an attempt to return to the game. A common twist used for returning players.

Twists Pertaining to TribesEdit

Tribe SwapEdit

Tribe members swap to new tribes in some way. Either someone picks their new tribe or new tribes are randomly chosen.

Twists Pertaining Hidden Immunity IdolsEdit

Hidden Immunity IdolsEdit

The player will be immune at tribal council and none of the votes against them will count.

Fake IdolEdit

Present in Firevivor, the Fake Idol will cause a penalty vote against the person it is used on.

Half IdolEdit

Present in Dravivor, the Half Idol will remove only one vote from the person it is used on.

Sacred IdolEdit

Present in Redvivor: Australia, this idol automatically grants the holder immunity and doubles their vote at tribal. It is passed around at random.

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