Ranking Character Season Placing Reason
5th Veruca Redvivor: China 12/14 Veruca was an okay character. She was the leader of an alliance and was in the perfect position in the game. However, I was extremely bored with the roleplay and I was forced to leave due to my parents, so Veruca had to quit the game. I don't believe in quitting, so she is automatically in fourth place.
4th Angel Redvivor: Australia 2/14 I don't even remotely remember Angel or this role-play. Normally, she would be in fourth place, due to the fact that she was forgettable. However, she did manage to make it to second place and didn't quit, so she is in third.
3rd Marilyn Dravivor: Maldives 2/10 Marilyn was boring. When she wasn't popping pills or drinking a martini, she was speaking philosophically about gender equality and the sadness that comes with being a star. Maybe if she returns as a crazier drunken, pill-popping junkie she would make it higher on my list. But as of now, no.
2nd Kitty Dravivor: Seychelles 9/10 Kitty was the star of Dravivor: Seychelles. The only problem? She was eliminated second. If she hadn't been blindsided, the role-play would've gone way smoother and she had the possibility of being better than Aaryn. Ultimately, that didn't happen. Hopefully she has the ability to redeem herself in Second Chances.
1st Aaryn Dravivor: Congo / Dravivor: All-Stars 4/10
Aaryn is one of the best Dravivor characters ever, so she automatically moves into the first spot. She was an excellent character, never received a vote, and managed to beat three former winners in the All-Stars season. Hopefully she can continue with her excellent winning streak in her final season, which is to be determined.

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