Dan Foley
Some Attributes
First 3rd Place in TV Stars: Las Vegas.
Second Being outcast early on for being a LOUD FAT MAN.
Third #WorldsApart alliance with Hali, Mike and Nina.
Other Attributes
Fourth Friendship with Mike and Nina and rivalry with Roslyn.

Dan Foley was a contestant in TV Stars: Paris. He is mostly remember for being a loud fat man who was disliked by his teammates, as well as for his friendship with Mike and Nina, his conflict with Roslyn, and his alliance with the other Worlds Apart contestants.


Name (Age): Dan Foley (47)
Current Residence: Gorham, ME
Occupation: Postal Worker
Personal Claim to Fame: Being a FAT MAN and going on SURVIVOR and making the merge despite being OUTCASTS BY MY ENTIRE TRIBE!
Pet Peeves: When people are RUDE and FATIST! I know my mouth is a problem, but sometimes I'm hated just for being a FAT MAN!
Three Words to Describe You: LOUD FAT MAN!
Reason for Being on “TV Stars”: I'm a HUGE FAN and I want to prove that FAT MAN can do well!
Why You Think You’ll Survive “TV Stars”: No one will see me as a threat, but I'll show them all that I am STRONGER AND SMARTER than I LOOK!
Why You Think You Will Be the Sole “TV Stars”: Because I'm a huge strategist, athlete and social player in the body of a LOUD FAT MAN! They won't even see that coming!!!!

TV Stars: ParisEdit

Dan's Voting History
Episode Dan's
Voted Against
2 Kaitlyn;
Kaitlyn, Boring, Mike;
RKelly, Boring
3 Boring *Penalty* x3
4 Kaitlyn Most Valuable Player
5 Ineligible Hali, Sunshine;
6 RKelly;
7 Hali -
8 Ineligible Roslyn
Cancelled, Week 8
Voted for


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