Dee Dee
Contestant Profile
Birth Date IDC
Hometown Los Angeles, California
Occupation Student

Redvivor: Sweden

Placement (9/18)
Challenge(s) Won TBA
Vote(s) Against TBA
 Dee Dee was a contestant on Redvivor: Sweden.


Dee Dee is Dexter's extremely ditzy, simple-minded, energetic, hyperactive older sister, who inexplicably makes "squishy" sounds with her feet on every step. She usually, in one way or another, sabotages his experiments and destroys the lab in every episode of the show, even though she seems to show care or love for her brother. Though she was shown to get hypocritcally angry when she found that Dexter had been in her room and messed with her stuff. Dee Dee also loves ballet, puppies, unicorns, playing dolls with her friends, messing around in Dexter's laboratory and generally depicts all the stereotypes concerning normal girl activities.

Despite her idiotic and impulsive behavior, she almost as frequently displays cunning and common sense that more than makes her a match for her brother, and because she really does love him, she often gives him surprisingly good advice with whatever problems he's having.

Voting HistoryEdit

Popmeii ~

Dee Dee's Voting History
Episode Dee Dee's
Voted Against
Dee Dee
1 Jaxdrown -
Svard Tribe Immune
2 Sheila -
Svard Tribe Immune
3 Matsuma Matsuma, Egla
Svard Tribe Immune
4 Sheila Quits
5 Fig -
6 Dakota -
7 Dakota

Rodney, Dakota, LSP, Max, Egla

9th Voted Off, Day 18
Voted For
Sole Survivor


  • Played by LongLiveLion

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