Derk Cameroon

Derk AS

Some Attributes
First Co-Runner-Up of Epicvivor: Cameroon; got his only jury vote from Dory.
Second 11-placer of
Epicvivor: All-Stars.
Other Attributes
Fourth Gives up his sexism thanks to Cersei and Dory, and eventually gives up Jesus after thinking Invisighost was Jesus and being betrayed by him.
Fifth Reverts to his sexist/bible-banging ways after hitting his head early on in AS.

Derk is the co-runner-up of Epicvivor: Cameroon. He began the game as a sexist, Bible-banging douchebag, having an intense rivalry with his tribemate Carrol. As the game progressed, he learned to appreciate women and gave up Jesus after Invisighost betrayed him. He lost to Invisighost and Roy at the FTC in a 3-1-1 jury vote.

Derk later returned for Epicvivor: All-Stars, where he was briefly shown to have become an atheist douchebag. He hit his head early on, however, and reverted to his old ways by using the Bible to terrorize women in the game. He had an intense rivalry with Pennsatucky, but formed close bonds with Bradlie and Dory (once again) and wound up being eliminated pre-merge in 11th place.

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