Some Attributes
First 5th Place in Epicvivor: Cameroon
Runner-up in Epicvivor: All-Stars.
Second Easily excited fish with short-term memory-loss.
Third "Just keep swimming"
Other Attributes
Fourth Alliance with Derk in Cameroon.
Fifth Alliance with Punzey in All-Stars.

Dory was a contestant in Epicvivor: Cameroon. She is most remembered for her short attention-span, and for her friendship with Derk. 

She returned to Epicvivor: All-Stars, where she was able to form an alliance with Punzey. She made the final three, though, due to a bitter jury, she lost to Sydney.


Name (Age): Dory (Unkown)"
Tribe Designation: idk and idk
Personal Claim to Fame: Hmmm... I don't remember.
Inspiration in Life: My mom? I don't remember much about her.
Hobbies: Swimming.
Pet Peeves: Hmmm... can't remember any.
3 Words to Describe You: I'm happy, and friendly, and... Hi, my name is Dory.
SURVIVOR RP Contestant You Are Most Like: What is Survivor?
Reason for Being on SURVIVOR RP: Because I'm always up for new things. "Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming..."
Why You Think You’ll “Survive” SURVIVOR RP: What is Survivor RP?.
Why You Think You Will Be the Sole SURVIVOR RP: ...Hi, my name is Dory!


Dory's Voting History
Episode Dory's
Voted Against
1 Tribe Immune
2 Tribe Immune
3 Tribe Immune
4 No Tribal Council
No Tribal Council
5 Wendy -
6 No Tribal Council
Wendy -
7 In Exile Island
8 Sensei Invisighost, Sensei
9 - -
Eliminated, Day 28
Voted for
Sole Survivor


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