1. Peih-Gee Law [Ovivor: Sri Lanka, Winner] - I loved played Peih-Gee! She was a last minute character but I had plenty of alliances and social connections in the game, which allowed me to win for my 13th time! I really loved getting the two idols in the game (one from Moors and one from the merge) - but never playing them on myself. I passed one to MinionMom and remained quiet so that people thought that MinionMom had actually gotten the idol herself. Then I used the second merged idol on Jaden to spice the game up and save him to get rid of Daisy. She had the best social game of any RP character I have ever played with and played one of the best games that I personally believe I have played in an RP. Winning 5-1-1 is a great feeling and I hope I can play her again some day.
  2. Topher [Epicvivor: Malaysia, Winner] - Everyone loved Topher. Everyone rooted for Topher except for two people. Everyone talked about how Topher was amazing on chat. I say he's my best RP character because everyone loved him. He was also really fun to play. He read the votes at the same time that Epic read it and claimed that he said it first. He also tried to host challenges during the game and even gave out two immunities that weren't real. Along the way he also threatened Epic with being fired. I really loved the tribal council where he asked why Topher was still in the game, and how he was still in the game, and then Topher threatened him saying that Epic would be fired if he didn't rig the game for him. Then of course he kept talking about how the game was rigged whenever he would win immunity. I think the best part of me playing him was intruding on everything Epic did, and how Epic continued to stay in character as a host and "hated" Topher. This was an amazing experience and an amazing RP.
  3. PrincessLolly [Finale: Pompeii, Runner Up] - I managed to keep an even balance on playing two in this entire RP. For Lolly, I made tons of Candyland references which made her generally lovable among the rest of the cast. There was never a target on her back. Her interactions with others were all fun and cute. She made an alliance with Shawn and brought him to the #GumdropBuddies, which ran a small portion of the game until the jury stage began. The best parts of playing her began with GrammaNutt coming in and airdropping gingersnaps for everyone to eat for dinner. After that, PrinceMarshmallow came into the game to meet PrincessLolly again after such a long time and to deliver news that her mother, QueenFrostine, had been poisoned in an attempted assassination. This was so much fun to do, and it allowed for some interesting shock interactions between Lolly and her friends in the game. The best part of playing her was in I had the SundaeButler come in and reveal that PrinceMarshmallow had been shot with a licorice bullet through his candy heart, which killed him. After he left, Lolly revealed to everyone that she came to the game because she was exiled from Candyland by her mother because she fell in love with PrinceMarshmallow. The two sides of the Candyland kingdom, the Montegums and Candylets (which I came up with on the spot in reference to Romeo and Juliet) were in the middle of feud during the game. Lolly was in love with Marshmallow, but Lolly was a Candylet and Marshmallow a Montegum, meaning they could never be together. His death was brought upon because he violated the feud to see Lolly in the game and deliver the frighting news. The plots with PrincessLolly being among a feud between the two families in Candyland, the attempted assassination of her mother, the death of MarshmallowPrince, and her need to win the game to return to the kingdom all were so much fun to do, which leaves a lasting impression in my heart.
  4. Sexygirlxo [Epicvivor: Legends, 9th Place] - Once again, Sexy was the second jury member! It's almost like a curse. The entire RP I was aligned heavily with Trish and Liz, and Trish was actually part of the reason I enjoyed playing Sexy so much. I was disappointed after being blindsided early, but playing with Trish made the experience amazing, probably the best Sexygirlxo experience to date.
  5. PiperWright [Toadvivor: Wisconsin, 8th Place] - Piper was really fun to play and is my favorite character in Fallout 4. I enjoyed referrencing the game a lot and I adored the relationship she had with JohnCena. Overall I think it was very fun to play her and I wish that her attempted blindside on MinecraftFan had worked out, because if it had, she would probably get bumped up to number one.
  6. PB&Jotter [Epicvivor: Pearl Islands, 5th Place] - PB was a hilarious parody of the actual user PB&Jotter who makes no sense when she talks and goes to the TD County Fair every day! She was very fun to play and it wasn't too crushing when she got blindsided at the final five, even though it was by NATE, because I kind of knew it was happening anyway because I was in an alliance with the two morgan people. After a quick chat poll, PB was deemed better than Lindsay from Redvivor.
  7. Lindsay [Redvivor: Fans vs Favorites, 2nd Runner Up] - Lindsay was still very fun to play, and because she stayed in long enough to go to the end, she got to mess up every single challenge. It was fun to play an incredibly stupid character who did everything wrong for the most part, and in the end I'm glad with how she turned out. The relationship between Fauna and Lindsay was one of my favorite things in the entire game, and it was truly a memorable experience. She got 0 votes but apparently deserved to win which makes no sense because if she deserved to win then she would have gotten jury votes!
  8. Sexygirlxo [Epicvivor: San Juan Del Sur, 4th Place] - Playing Sexygirlxo for the third time was amazing and fun because I love everything about her character. This time she stayed in long enough to actually go somewhere and do something. She was so much fun to immunity run with and getting to the final four was great. Of course, my nerves screwed me over with firemaking again, but it is what it is and am really happy with getting 4th instead of 7th or 8th.
  9. LizMarkham [Redvivor: Cagayan, Winner] - I enjoyed playing LizMarkham and making her out to be a robot with no real emotions. It was basically a good version of a gamebot and I somehow managed to win after participating in several insane blindsides pre-merge and post merge. Overall it was very fun and was a good example of how I can win while strategizing and playing a pretty good character. Playing the chalice on myself and ending up with penalty votes against me surprised me and I thought I would be eliminated, but I ended up winning after doing that and being exiled at the first tribal council of the game.
  10. KimmiKappenberg [Redvivor: New Zealand, 2nd Runner Up] - I had been wanting to play Kimmi for some time now, so it was nice to finally get to do it after such a long RP hiatus. I was surprisingly able to dominate the competition by keeping my Tribe immune the entirety of the pre-merge and by winning several immunities in the merge, leaving Kimmi only eligible for elimination twice. I managed to trick Millicent into playing her idol on herself in an attempt to blindside Ciera, and it worked. I was also able to, somehow, use TronaldDump (Nate) to take to the end as a goat, and he stuck with me the entire time. Unfortunately, because people didn't want me winning a third Redvivor, Kimmi received zero jury votes and even Tronald lost to...Dril. Kimmi was fun to play and I still somehow dominated the RP.
  11. CarolynRivera [Redvivor: Chad, Winner] - I had tons of fun playing Carolyn, and she was my first winner in a very, VERY, long time - which felt amazing. She pulled off several blindsides throughout the course of the game, with the most notable being a blindside on So and PetitionRedvivor, where I told So to vote for Seinfeld because I knew she was going to play her idol on the person I was targetting. So, effectively, So was shocked about the vote as well when PetitionRedvivor got out. I won several immunites, and even though this character probably was not THAT amazing, she is up here because of my recency bias and because she won!
  12. PrincessLolly [Finale: All Stars, Winner] - In her grand return she faced tons of problems with Khai Shing and a few other characters in the game. The best part about her this go around was the many subplots she had. She started off with a conflict with Khai Shing which caused a large rivalry that continued until Carmonta approached me and talked about working together. She also had a relationship with King Marshall while it lasted (until Khai Shing called her racist and broke that plot to bits and pieces). She was a part of the alliance in the kingdom with Captain Magma and Denny, but that fell apart when she got exiled. Alone she also had tons of stuff to do with Katy Perry's hexes over her, which caused her to relive the war that occured after Finale Pompeii. The story is that she returned home to find that Lord Licorice, an evil dictator, had escaped the Candy Dungeon and attempted an assassination on her mother, Queen Frostine. She was forced to lead the Candy Army and take down Lord Licorice herself. SergeantLolly, the leader of the army, was an incredibly rutheless persona of PrincessLolly which allowed for her to win lots of challenges. Because of her experiences she managed to get to the end a second time. When the family letters came along I was SO excited because I got to do the letter from home which revealed that PrinceMarshmallow was actually still alive. The end of the RP was sad because I had to get rid of Denny, but in the end she finally won and rose from 2nd place to 1st place, beating out Cara who won Finale Oaxaca. The entire experience was amazing, and Finale All Stars will probably always be my favorite RP ever.
  13. Lindsay [Redvivor: Redemption Island, 8th Place] - Lindsay was really fun to play and got blindsided at the merge as the first jury member. It was really fun to play dumb and think Ronnie was Tyler. She also thought Reddy was Don and that it was the Ridiculous Race. Admiral Lindsay Her Hotness also managed to join in on an all girls alliance which crumbled as soon as the vote tied three ways and they all piled onto Lindsay except for AlexVause. She was incredibly fun to play and, even though it didn't last long, she is a top 10 character of mine.
  14. CatValentine [Epicvivor: Blood vs Water, Winner] - Character wise, Midway Island Cat is the best version of Cat ever. However, she managed to flip on the pregame alliance that Mika sucked her into in the first round and never worked with it. I blamed it all on SethDarko and Dylan just let it happen. They all kept trying to vote him out but got confused when things never worked their way. I think they got in one successful elimination because someone working with me flipped to their side. Cat managed to get out tons of people because she got the pregame alliance to turn against each other. The blindside on Jade because of Fahrwood's idea was also an amazing thing to be a part of. It was kinda cheap at the final five when Fahrwood flipped on me and tied Cat and Bibble with Bibble quitting to save her and boosted Cat to fourth place. Her winning the final immunity challenge and hearing the words "Congratulations Cat, you will be going to the Final Tribal Council for the first time ever" was amazing. I also still remember at around my third or fourth tribal council, "Cat, you are one of the most iconic Epicvivor players ever. Does that make you a threat?"
  15. AnnieWilkes [Epicvivor: Cursed Islands, 5th Place] - She was an amazingly fun character to play. According to Epic, she was hilarious and #1 on the rankings for the season. Her witty attitude and bipolarness was always fun to act out -- here and in Heroes vs Villains. I enjoyed censoring cuss words with random words such as "cockadoodie" or "blabbity". It really matched her personality in the book and movie "Misery", which is an accomplishment for me. Aside of the murderous attitude she expresses in the movie, her childlike mentality and aggressiveness were all protrayed in her character in Cursed Islands. The best part about the tiny cast is that I never ran out of material for her.
  16. AnnieWilkes [Epicvivor: Legends, 2nd Runner Up] - She actually had a great story after being ignored by everyone on her original Tribe. She mutinied to the other Tribe and managed to get to the merge. After Sexy's blindside, Annie became a part of Trish's core alliance and assisted in the blindsides of Anthony, Meg, and Cal, and eventually got to the final three and only got one vote from Tammy. She was still as crazy as ever and was very fun to play, and most iconically, I was tasked with determining the winner after the vote tied. Trish ended up winning because of me!
  17. SisterMaryEunice [Ovivor: Transylvania, Runner Up] - I literally played Satan. I got voted out first which is a feeling I had not felt in a very long time (my last first boot being JulieChen, but she returned from RI and got 3rd -- my last real first boot who never returned being EvilValentine who got EJECTED). Then, she returns from Outcasts which is kind of funny, because she released Satan into Williford. She was scared and confused the entire time for the most part and went on an immunity run (the crowd sighs heavily) and got to a point where she tripped and found Williford's dead body, which caused Satan to repossess her. She bought a lamb in the auction as normal Mary and sacrificed it as demon Mary, and then proceeded to go to the FTC. That's where I lost to Zac. Again. 3-2.
  18. AnnieWilkes [Toadvivor: Norway, 10th Place] - She was less memorable this time around but was far more active than the Heroes vs Villains version of her. This go around she was really fun to play and probably the most psychotic character I have ever played. I enjoyed bringing back the antics that she always was involved in in both former RPs. This is probably the last time I'll ever play her unless she gets invited back in Epicvivor or Toadvivor, but for this being the last time, I can say it was fun while it lasted.
  19. Sierra [Rejectvivor: The Amazon, 5th Place] - She was much more fun to play as in the RP than Cabrera because there weren't any triple quits, and the battle of the sexes twist made it fun because she deemed every male to be Cody. Ironically, everyone she liked got out.
  20. Sierra [Redvivor: Cabrera, 8th Place] - She was an uber fan who referenced former Redvivor players repeatedly and recorded Tribal Council and challenges to leak to the public while on the island. She hallucinated that Sokka was Cody after his barrel landed on her head at the barrel rolling challenge and in general was pretty great.
  21. CatValentine [Epicvivor: Midway Island, 8th Place] - This is one of the best Cats because she never got the chance to get frustrated and go OOC. She was a good character as deemed by everyone in the RP and an adorable parody of Cat Valentine from the Nickolodeon show Victorious. She was in a relationship with Rory who ended up seducing her. The two fell in love and had one common enemy: Fritz. When Fritz blindsided her with the idol play (which I knew was coming and I got VOTED OUT WITH AN IDOL IN MY POSSESSION AND COULD HAVE ACTUALLY GONE FARTHER) she got out and left an impact on Rory being left without her. She was invited to return to Fans vs Favorites with Rory and Fritz because of their status as a trio.
  22. EvilValentine [Finale: Oaxaca, 13th Place] - I didn't really even want to RP in Finale, so I picked two random things and put them together and got "Evil Valentine". So, I went with it and played a maniacally evil woman who tries to take over the world. She flicked random people and called them names. After failing the first challenge, Buckley punished her and she got the mute punishment. I asked what happened if I didn't stop talking and got threatened with being ejected. I shouted "WHAT? YOU CANNOT SILENCE THE EVIL VALENTINE!" and got ejected from the game. Loved it.
  23. EvilValentine [Ovivor: Cagayan, 10th Place] - In Ovivor, she got voted out over someone who had internet problems, which made me kind of mad, so she is not up there with Oaxaca Evil Valentine. Regardless, she played almost the exact same, but got farther.
  24. Sexygirlxo [Rejectvivor: Australia, 8th Place] - She became the second member of the jury AGAIN from Redvivor! WOOP! It was one of the first times I successfully worked with Avery without him betraying me and she was still very fun to play. I had been wanting to play her again for a while, and I finally got to! Having been a user on Tengaged actively for a whlie pre-game, I was able to improve upon her from Redvivor's version of Sexy.
  25. CatValentine [Epicvivor: Heroes vs Villains, 4th Place] - I was excited to return as her for Heroes vs Villains. I had a lot going on with the pregame alliance that, looking back on it, sucked horribly. The idea of getting out Larissa first because CK usually would ruin everything for Avery and I in RPs was a really unfair thing to do, but at the time it seemed like a good idea. We ended up throwing the first challenge to get her out. Despite all of this, I just hid behind Rory and Sabrina in the Love Dodecahedron or whatever it was to avoid getting voted out. It ended up working until I decided to have an in-character fight with Rory, which ironically got him voted out first at the merge. Once the finals came along, Fritz was my main ally and we took down the power team of Gil, Trish, and a few others. Emma was the one who ended up blindsiding me and keeping me from going to FTC, which now proves that Fritz would have won if I had gone to the FTC with him.
  26. CatValentine [Epicvivor: Fans vs Favorites, 4th Place] - She was a fun character to play. She kind of went OOC around the ending because Epic's hosting became super slow when it turned 12AM/1AM, but I love Cat because Fans vs Favorites was the peak of her interactions with Rory and Fritz. After making amends from her Midway Island blindside, she became good friends with Fritz and Rory, although Fritz continued to try and take naked pictures of her while she slept. I still remember the rage built up inside of me when I got voted out in 4th place because Avery betrayed me. I think he and Toad both stated that they got me out because I "would have won" but I don't see that being very possible.
  27. Sexygirlxo [Redvivor: India, 7th Place] - She was a strategic threat who got blindsided and put Poussey and Taystee in control of the game. People don't like her but I don't know what the fuss is about. I like her ^_^
  28. KyleJason [Toadvivor: Jamaica, 6th Place] - Kyle was very fun to play and is probably by best over-the-top character besides Sexygirlxo! It was fun to mess around with Scot in the game and do random shit! I loved playing him and would love to play him again. The highlight of the RP was being immune through to the merge and losing each individual immunity challenge, only to be given immunity by Kinkshamer. Unfortunately, I was voted out :( but I think I would have won if I made it to the end!! It's okay, because I won two RPs in a row before this elimination, so it was about time I got out for once.
  29. ThatEpic [Epicvivor: Patagonia, 5th Place] - This was my first user parody and I really only did it because Avery said I should (after I jokingly said I was gonna play him in the RP). He was mostly just rude and tALKED LIKE THIS the entire time.
  30. BronteDAcquisto [Venture: Mumbai, 7th] - Bronte was very fun to play especially when I had literally 45 minutes of context to go off of because I was playing her DURING the premier of Big Brother 18. It was very fun to play with her and I'm upset to have gotten out by the less-good characters - but regardless, it was iconic while it lasted.
  31. PaulAbrahamian [Friends & Foes Seoul, 4th] - Paul was super fun to play and was my 100th RP character! Friends & Foes 3 was a lit RP and it was super fun to play the true winner of Big Brother 18. His relationship with Corey was amazing up until Corey's OOC break that tanked his game.
  32. NicoleFranzel [Ovivor: Arabia, Co-Runner Up] - Nicole was also super fun to play, much like Paul, and I enjoyed the voting twist. I managed to maintain my votes to the end of the game and managed to remain immune throughout most of the game until the merge. Henceforth I had plenty of votes at my disposal and basically, at the final six, remained immune due to having 7 votes against the rest that were close to 0 or at 0. It was super fun and interesting.
  33. Invisighost [Epicvivor: Cameroon, Winner] - He was a relatively innovative RP character. He spoke in white text which was virtually unreadable to anyone on PJIRC, which was basically everyone except the host himself. Nobody could see what he said unless the highlit his speech. He was a troll character in disguise of the invisible text, which allowed for him to get enough jury votes to win. He was a sucky winner but I love him.
  34. DenzelCrocker [Ovivor: Ireland, 12th Place] - Crocker was tons of fun to play, it's just a shame he got out early. I enjoyed his story with DeterminedSnail and Bowser, but my internet was messing with me so much that I couldn't talk to many people without cutting out and losing everything. So, Crocker did about 0 strategy throughout the time I played and was still very fun. He somehow managed to get 3rd on rankings, as well.
  35. JulieChen [Ovivor: Manchuria, 3rd Place] - Personally I love JulieChen. She was so confused during her time in the RP for the first half, thinking she was on Big Brother. However, because of some sort of alliance that went on before the game officially started, she got voted out in the First Impressions twist. She went to Redemption Island, which was the first and so far only time I had ever been sent to Redemption Island when it was present in an RP. With the first duel I ever competed in, I beat Sponcer/Jax and sent him out first. It was really exciting to beat him, Tracy, and Caz to return to the game. It would have possibly been the end of her if Bruno/J'Tia went onto RI, but she quit. When she returned she sadly became a strategy bot who still made a few references to Big Brother and how she thought she was on it. She made the final three after winning most of the immunity challenges. She's so far up here for for me because it was the first time I had ever gone to Redemption Island and how she managed to rise to the top of the alliances because she returned to the game after being voted out first with no alliances or ties other than Brook. Her initial alliance with GoldiebloXXX and Canberra after returning helped her go relatively far until Brook pulled her aside and asked to work with her again, which caused the downfalls of GoldiebloXXX and Canberra.
  36. Mercy [Redvivor: China, Winner] - Mercy was supposed to be my response to Reddy sabotaging Dravivor: Maldives (v1). She was supposed to be a witch from Left 4 Dead who said nothing but "moans" the whole time. I eventually got over my bitterness and actually became a character who worked with others to get around. Her interactions with Cole and Sarah/GinaMarie were amazing. She got Marie to flip on her original alliance and put her in the majority, sending out GinaMarie and Sarah. She turned into a teenage girl basically who has a teacher that assists her in getting over her addiction to tranquilizers, which causes her to become a moaning witch. Her going to the FTC against Darkhorse and WINNING was amazing because of the irony. DarkHorse had the most ties to the jury, but Mercy managed to get 5 jury votes against DarkHorse's 2.
  37. SamPuckett [Non Canon Epicvivor, Runner Up] - She lost to WES. /WES/. Epic stated that the only good characters in the RP were from Dravery and Trey. Dravery being SamPuckett and FreddyBenson. I forget who Trey was.
  38. BurningMan [Epicvivor: Patagonia, 3rd Place] - BurningMan was fun to play and was mostly a trolly/gimmick character at the start, but after a while I just messed around with him. Most people loved him and he probably would have made it to the end if Jen hadn't happened!
  39. BurningMan [Rejectvivor: Madagascar, Runner Up] - BurningMan was still very fun to play a second time, and this time, he made it all the way to the end and received two votes to win. In the end, a jury tie caused a new juror (or in this case, new jurorS) to be added, which allowed Sunshine - from TV Stars - to win.
  40. NekciMenij [Ovivor: Micronesia - Fans vs Favorites, Winner] - NekciMenij continued to be the ultimate troll character in the RP. She made an alliance with all the females on the Favorites tribe but then flipped and got the others to work with her. RachelReilly revealed it to everyone, but the females for some reason continued to work with her to vote out other people. She managed to flip still and get rid of other females in the alliance. One by one they all went out of the game until the eventual merge, where she won a ton of immunities. The best part about it is that she found all idols in the game and voided every single vote against her. She ended up with the most votes against her in the RP with a majority on her twice and three on her pre merge. After making the FTC, she ironically won against RachelReilly, a favorite, and Marc, a fan. After surviving the Favorites decimation with Rachel, she finally won after making FTC for the second time. Everyone was surprised that she won -- even me. The idol play from Antasma on Nekci which ironically sent Antasma home was amazing, too.
  41. NekciMenij [Ovivor: India, Runner Up] - To me, NekciMenij is the ultimate troll character who manages to be a serious RP character all at the same time. Her existence is to troll people she doesn't like, which is exactly what she did in India. She protected PapaRainbow and Billymays while she could, and in an attempt to blindside Luna, she accidentally blindsided BillyMays -- who actually had went against her without her knowing it. The blindside accidentally put her in control of the game. She convinced Luna she knew what was going on, which worked, but in the end I really had no idea what happened until I realized BillyMays went against me. The best part about it all is that nobody knew her idol was in existence. She continued to troll other people in her own way.
  42. FlorenceMachine [Finale: Broadway, Winner] - She was the best character in the RP according to Avery. While the cast was really mediocre, she still managed to have tons of interactions with Hoda and YOLOAnda. Her main ally, Katy, followed her through everything. In the end she won over KatyPerry which was a good ending to her being RPed by me, I think. She's better than the other version because I got to do the whole HOWL plot where she revealed she was secretly a werewolf, which as an inspiration to her song.
  43. Staci [Firevivor: Brazil, Winner] - She was a really good parody/expy of Staci from Total Drama: Revenge of the Island who managed to pull off many moves and go to the end. She made it to the Final Tribal Council against Jackie and R0bot. Winning the RP was kind of hilarious, but I was surprised Jackie didn't win. It probably would have been better considering she would have won after playing around 9 days in the game.
  44. WooHwang [Redvivor: Canada, 5th Place] - Gamebotting is fun to me, so playing a gamebot UTRfun character is always a great release. I also managed to play the first super idol in RP history, effectively rupturing chat entirely, which was fun for me, not so much for everyone else. Woo was cool and I'm glad I enabled Muffine to win.
  45. Niceboy3 [Ovivor: Nova Scotia, Runner Up] - I was supposed to be Badgrl2 in Ovivor, but Dylan played her in Friends & Foes INSTEAD so I played her cousin, Niceboy3, and went to the end with Sterling. He lost by one jury vote thanks to the sentiment against Dra!!
  46. Mercy [Redvivor: All Stars, 10th Place] - She was fun to play for the second time, but it fell kinda short with the rage I had after I got voted out by Stealth R Us which turned itself into the #BlindsideMercyAlliance. The #BlindsideMercyAlliance though is amazing<3
  47. CatValentine [CKSurvivor: Moonlight Madness, 5th Place] - She was a fun parody of myself/CatValentine's hatred from people like Mika. Plus, with 7ard1 in the RP, it made it that much better. She was incredibly fun to play and it sucks that the season was made non-canon.
  48. Omarosa [Ovivor: Ethiopia, 6th Place] - She was a fun parody of the actual Omarosa who is the most insane woman in the history of life itself. It was fun to play in, but the cast was kind of lacking and this was the first time that I had been voted out in Ovivor generation 2 - ever. The main reason she is not lower is because of her very iconic idol blindside of IggyAzalea, where every vote against her was negated except for one - her own - on Iggy.
  49. CorinneMaybe [Toadvivor: Michigan, 4th Place] - She made it far only to lose firemaking because I didn't read the last step to making fire. Her raging over the loss is actually hilarious, which keeps her from being indifferent. She was unable to keep an alliance for more than one round, because every time she joined one, another came along and got rid of one of her members. In the end, not even her main alliance stuck with her and sent her into firemaking.
  50. LaganjaEstranja [Epicvivor: Namibia, Runner Up] - This was the first RP in a century and it was very fun. I enjoyed playing Laganja because I actually got to meet her, and I hope I did her justice.
  51. SleepingBeauty [Redvivor: Egypt, Runner Up] - For 3/4s of the RP, she was asleep and said only "zzzzz", and in a shocking plot twist, could only awaken because of a lesbian kiss. SleepingBeauty was revealed to be lesbian and ended up going FTC with her true Princess, Ivy.
  52. Eli [Epicvivor: San Juan Del Sur, 9th Place] - Eli was very fun to play. He got people voted out on Noyopa because they were evil for having idols and were messing up the plot of the game. At one point I even had him leap out of the "panel" to tear out and rip up the Exile Island "panel" because it was evil. He was super great.
  53. Dakota [Epicvivor: Malaysia, 4th Place] - She was supposed to be my main focus, but she wasn't. She was fun to play but the main focus went to Topher, so Dakota lost some potential. Regardless, she was still entertaining. I shifted to Topher and he was amazing.
  54. Staci [Finale: Pompeii, 6th Place] - She was an accidental replay of my Firevivor Staci that won. I had no idea I was replaying her until I remembered the Firevivor season where she won, and I laughed. Either way, her Firevivor incarnation was waaaaaay better than the Finale incarnation, which spammed "yas" and was incredibly rude to PrincessLolly.
  55. TaylorSwift [Rejectvivor, 6th Place] - She was a major improvement over the Redvivor version. She was betrayed by Mulan who was her main ally. She was incredibly fun to play and she made tons of references to quotes that she has said in real life (which were labeled as things she should not have said). Her confusion about thinking the game took place during the emmys was another fun thing to do with her.
  56. Sugar [Redvivor: Cook Islands, Runner Up] - Sugar was actually pretty fun to play, but of course I lost in Redvivor again. It was fine though since I lost to Ashley of all people. She basically ran around naked, ate honey, and twerked the entire time. Apparently she was bad but I read through the TDPIRP logs and did mostly everything Rhonda's Sugar did as inspiration!!
  57. Squilliam_Fancyson [Ovivor: Honduras, 2nd Runner Up] - Squilliam was really boring at first because I wasn't feeling the RP, but it got better as the merge hit and I actually got to play the game! I got to the end with 0 votes against me once more and got one jury vote, but not only that, I got to decide the winner, and I have it to Heather, allowing Epic to win his second RP!
  58. Misery [Finale: Yukon, Runner Up] - Initially she was some sweet woman, but by the end Sunny posted a picture of a little girl on the wiki saying that that was what she should look like. I just kinda kept with that and made her a little girl looking to cause misery in everyone's lives. She was a fun character but in the end she kinda fell flat.
  59. ♥ElectraHeart♥ [Epicvivor: Antarctica, 3rd Place] - I was robbed horribly by SG and Trey of my second FTC ever. She was a crucial part to Emma and Gil's relationship that continued to occur and develop over the course of the entire RP. Emma was her main ally in Antarctica, and Electra saved her from elimination when SurvivorSucks tried to get her to vote out Emma. Eventually I saved Emma and we went to the final three, expecting for a Final Tribal Council. However, it turned out to be a final two and not a final three, which sent Electra out of the game for good. I was told a while after that that if I had gone FTC, I would have won. Was that true? I have no idea.
  60. PunzeyMcCale [Epicvivor: Japan, 6th Place] - He was an expy from the show, The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack. He made a bunch of puns and random jokes that sucked so much they were funny. I think he got top 3 or so on the rankings post-season, which was great. As for him being a gamebot...he wasn't really much of one, actually.
  61. Morpheus [Ovivor: All Stars, 7th Place] - He was great in El Salvador and I was hoping to go to the FTC again. My mistake in the game was aligning with Toad and Jake (ElizaNewOrlins and Tanner). Of course, Tanner did nothing but he took credit for EVERYTHING that Judd did. The thing that really makes Morpheus great for me is the whole relationship with CaptainFreedom. In reality it was just Dravery being in an RP together, but the fact that he played an idol on me and got voted out in one of the most legendary blindsides ever was amazing. Being a part of that, despite not knowing what was going on, was great. It was shocking and it gave me a slight underdog status that would have held up had Judd's alliance not taken me down shortly after. If this RP were now I probably would have won a few immunities here and there, but back when this RP happened I sucked at challenges.
  62. Jonesy [Firevivor: Gabon, Runner Up] - Firevivor was very well known when it existed for never having an All Star season because of the many failed attempts. Instead, people simply replayed characters in non-returnee seasons and Avery always allowed it. So, I played Jonesy in Gabon which ended up being the very last season of Firevivor ever. I remember that most people premerge and a few outed allies at the jury were rooting for Jonesy to win because of her underdog and returnee status after overcoming TMZ's alliance against her. After she made FTC there were a lot of bitter jurors who voted for Wes's character, causing him to win. I think she got 2nd in rankings, which was great for me because she finally got the redemption from Firevivor RI that she needed.
  63. Morpheus [Ovivor: El Salvador, Runner Up] - He was a fun character to play. He was one of my first RP characters ever, so him making the Final Tribal Council was kind of funny, considering he managed to get 2 jury votes before losing to Soo Hok. Back then I got mad because I lost to her, but looking back I completely understand. He was a goat and Soo was clearly gonna win.
  64. Jonesy [Firevivor: Redemption Island, 6th Place] - She was one of my first RP characters ever. Although I never went to Redemption Island to experience what it was like, I did manage to be in the first RP to ever have Redemption Island as a twist. She was kind of a boring person who played with fire a lot, and because of my childlike mentality, I thought her having an abusive mother would be funny. It wasn't.
  65. Clucky [Epicvivor: Jamaica, 5th Place] - She was fun to play considering all she said was "bawk". It was fun to break the relationship with groot who rudely made out with Clucky, which she didn't like, so she flew to the CIA to get a picture of him picking his nose, but upon showing it to them all, Christine/Perd perceived it as Groot making out with Zach, which caused lots of drama. Overall she was fun to play and would have won (considering everyone on chat was rooting for her) but was robbed by SG because he sucks.
  66. Myrtle & Dell [Finale: Cirque Du Soleil, 12th Place] - My first permanent first boot in a very long time and the first time I had ever been voted out first in Finale. Great! It was fun to play Myrtle & Dell because it's the first time female conjoined twins have ever been played in an RP. I had more plans for them, but of course, Mika and CK both threw a wrench in that (Mika because she hates me in RPs and targets me OOC every time and CK because he did not want another Ovivor Transylvania with Sister Mary Eunice returning and getting 2nd).
  67. Jake [Rejectvivor: Madagascar, 4th Place] - Once again, Jake receives fourth place. This time, however, I accidentally spoke for Jake when I meant to speak for BURNINGMAN, so Jake went out of character and instead became a massive trainwreck who was an assassin sent from hell to digitally murder everyone. His tribe flag, a scene from hell with everyone's names written on it and a slogan that said "nobody can hear your screams", won him immunity - and he was ironically loved by everyone. "I have to be stronger. better. faster. jaker."
  68. Jake [Spacevivor: Baja Blast, 4th Place] - I had been wanting to be Jake from Survivor Fan Characters for a very long time. I finally got to do it and got to 4th place! He said and did nothing until he got voted out - where he shouted "YOLOIN IT UP!"
  69. KammyKoopa [Non-Canon Epicvivor, Runner Up] - She was in an alliance with Bowser which helped her go to the end of the game. If I'm not mistaken it had around 8 or so cast members, so it was relatively easy to get far with an alliance of two or three. Either way, Kammy was fun to play but she's not loved like others in this list.
  70. TaylorSwift [Redvivor: Japan, 14th Place] - She had a ton of potential because Jaxdrown was in the RP...but she wasn't on the same tribe as him...and then her one-episode relationship with DrSpaceman ended with her being voted out directly after him, leaving plenty of robbed potential because of Fig.
  71. MermaidMan [Ovivor: Venezuela, 10th Place] - He was fun to play but got completely screwed over by the annoying tribe swap. He was just an old man who had no idea what he was doing and said that every villain is lemons.
  72. SisterMaryEunice [Ovivor: All Stars, 8th Place] - I literally played Satan once again! I gained access to 2 idols, which I played successfully to eliminate MagicConch and Twinkle and save myself up until the merge because I was NOT about to get out pre-merge in another Ovivor! Overall I think she was slightly worse than her original incarnation in Transylvania since she was the best in the cast there. I enjoyed playing two idols and blindsiding multiple people while I was in the game. Unfortunately, everyone seems to hate her, so she's bumped down quite a bit.
  73. RomanianDancer [Redvivor: Easter Island, 6th Place] - RomanianDancer was played while I was really sick and didn't feel like doing anything, and all she said was "*Dances like a Romanian* ?" and got really far. After being betrayed by Toad (again) she got 6th place when she probably should have gotten out pre-merge. She was fun to play though and I mostly just made random changes to the *Dances like a Romanian* ? thing for fun.
  74. Boomer [Friends & Foes, 5th Place] - Boomer was really lulzy and EVIL!!!!! And was really fun to play until the #FRIENDSANDFOESFRENZYFEELING moment when he got blindsided by Badgrl2.
  75. LillianMorris [Epicvivor: Pearl Islands, 9th Place] - Lill wasn't really how I wanted her to be, but it was still pretty alright because it was Lill.
  76. FlorenceMachine [CKSurvivor: Martinique, 8th Place] - She was a fun parody of Florence Welch. While she lasted she made a ton of references to her songs. I only enjoy her less than the Finale version of Florence because she didn't get the chance to win a bunch of challenges and make references to a couple of songs, like Howl.
  77. Nolan [Epicvivor: Cambodia, Winner] - He was an incredibly nice person that everyone's characters loved. He never got a single vote against him despite everyone claiming he was an extreme jury threat. By the end of the game, he went FTC with 0 votes and almost played a perfect game.
  78. Dwayne [Rejectvivor: Australia, 12th Place] - Dwayne was super lazy and wanted to make everything as simple as he could. So, for each elimination, he made a #Blindside_Alliance and invited everyone except for that person. After Jordan got out, he kicked Grandma and made the BlindsideGrandmaAlliance, which failed. However, I thought ahead, and joined BlindsideDwayneAlliance because I foresaw them using it against me, and they did!
  79. LumpySpacePrincess [Redvivor: Sweden, Runner Up] - She was really fun to play for the most part. I didn't have a good character for Redvivor so she was a last minute decision that kept me from replaying AnnieWilkes in the RP. I enjoyed taking quotes from her Adventure Time appearances and backhandedly insulting everyone. The relationship with Rodney was also kinda nice.
  80. Nolan [Nalyd's Survivor 1 (New Canon), Runner Up] - He lost because of a completely crap twist. He would have lost either way, but it feels incredibly cheap because of the horrible jury vote twist that ruined the season. Either way he still wasn't as good as he was in Epicvivor.
  81. PunzeyMcCale [Epicvivor: All Stars, 2nd Runner Up] - He was a gamebot like most of my characters are. I still liked him because I enjoyed making all the puns and rhyme jokes. I know Epic didn't like him that much but he didn't like the cast that much at all as it was.
  82. AnnieWilkes [Epicvivor: Heroes vs Villains, 12th Place] - She had a ton of material I wanted to use for her, but because of Sting, she was voted out early. She was left out of an amazing season and had so much wasted potential.
  83. ForestGirl [Toadvivor: Greece, Runner Up] - She was a boring character who didn't do much of anything. At first Toad said he liked her but hosts always do that to keep bad characters in the game. She almost won.
  84. Taco [Finale: Berwick, 5th Place] - He continued to flail and fall over. At first people liked him and thought he was a cute character, but in the end he turned into a challenge threat. He saved the final five from being a horrible mess, though.
  85. SantaClaus [Firevivor: Ecuador, Winner] - He was my first winner of many. I was surprised to win this season, actually, because it was for returning players to get a second chance. There were only three other newbies in the season. I ended up beating CK's character.
  86. CARL [Redvivor: Phillippines, 3rd Place] - He made it all the way to the end, but because Marco was supposed to be voted out but Reddy misread a vote, he won immunity and sent CARL out of the game. He was kind of fun to play, and after all, he was one of my first RP characters ever.
  87. SantaClaus [Firevivor: Blood vs Water, 12th Place] - He was incredibly boring and a horrible trainwreck mess. After GOD blindsided me, I got really mad and yelled a bunch of rude stuff at Space. He was the reason I left the wiki for like a week.
  88. MernaDermandis [Firevivor: Robot Pirate Island, Winner] - Merna was my second Nekci Menij character who managed to learn English skills because of Sam teaching her. In the end, she won after blindsiding Sam pre-FTC. Ironically, it was revealed around a month later that Avery misread a vote, and that Merna was supposed to go home pre-merge.
  89. CherryChevaProvaDumRong [Benvivor, Runner Up] - She was basically me complaining about Ben's hosting skills.
  90. Babbaloorayjabamba [Ovivor: South Africa, 11th Place] - She was basically a parody of a ghetto person.
  91. Silver [Ovivor: Faroe Islands, 7th Place] - Silver didn't really do anything of much importance. The hilarity in the idol play on her which blindsided UserParody, the very person who played his idol on her, is what boosts her up higher. She was a fun parody of a Total Drama High School character.
  92. R0bot [Firevivor: Brazil, Runner Up] - He played an idol and blindsided Miss Piggy, which was amazing, but he still sucked. Oops!
  93. TaylorSwift [Redvivor: Panama, 10th Place] - She didn't really do anything except spam nate-ish comments inside of the RP. No wonder she got voted out first.
  94. Bibble [Epicvivor: Blood vs Water, 5th Place] - what no i quit bye
  95. Flynn [Finale: Te Urewera, 5th Place] - He was great at first but slowly became an annoying mess.
  96. Puppy [Reddy's Big Brother, 2nd Place] - he just said 'woof' and peed on people he didn't like.
  97. Carmelita [Ovivor: Turkey, 17th Place] - I'm relatively indifferent to her, but she was the second boot in a cluster of a roleplay. Because of that, and the fact that she used emojis that people on webchat could not see, she remained an annoying mess to people. I had no idea people couldn't see what she posted until a few hours into the RP when someone commented on what she was.
  98. ClaraClaus [Firevivor: Blood vs Water, 16th Place] - My attempt to play an elderly woman failed. It would later succeed with Dylan playing Grandma in Epicvivor. Basically she did nothing and that's all that matters.
  99. CarlottaMonterey [Epicvivor: Japan, 5th Place] - It was basically a pie making parody from American Dad. I'm not sure what my intentions were by playing two but I just used her as a second vote until Punzey's elimination. At that point I just kept trying to get people to go against each other, but it didn't work.
  100. QuienBaeRa [Epicvivor: Gambia, 7th Place] - She spoke Ukranian, which near the middle of the RP, I realized people couldn't read it because it was random numbers. I changed to Spanish. She sucked.
  101. Brady [Firevivor: Namibia, 5th Place] - My first RP and I got 5th place. It was basically me but completely invisible. If I'm not mistaken it was Brady from Castaway Island, which at the time I think was under the name "Endurance" ???
  102. LiterallyMe [CKSurvivor: Singapore, 11th Place] - He was basically a troll character because I didn't want to RP and halfway expected CKSurvivor to fail. All he did was say "Literally Me" and post random gifs.


CatValentine [Fritzvivor: My Mom's Basement, 2nd Place] - Joke RP

PrincessPeach [Some Cancelled Epicvivor] - I don't remember anything about her

Thommy [Ovivor: Turkey] - my attempt to troll the RP! He is discounted because he is not a legitimate character.



Indifferent / Okay





KammyKoopa / MernaDermandis* / CherryChevaProvaDumRong / FlorenceMachine* / Santa Claus* / Morpheus / Jonesy / Staci* / R0bot / NekciMenij / NekciMenij* / Mercy* / CatValentine* / Puppy / Nolan* / Nolan / Misery / ForestGirl / Invisighost * / SamPuckett / PrincessLolly / LumpySpacePrincess(LSP) / Punzey / PrincessLolly* / Topher * / SleepingBeauty / SisterMaryEunice / Sugar / Lindsay / Niceboy / CarolynRivera* / BurningMan / KimmiKappenberg / AnnieWilkes / Peih-Gee* / LizMarkham* / Squilliam / NicoleFranzel / LaganjaEstranja


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