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Castaway Username
Basil the Cat Sunslicer2
Basil saved himself like, three times in Latvia. He blindsided himself later by playing his idol on Wondrasch, which in turned called for Basil to idol himself out. This being said, I think Basil has the potential to go into the merge. If he tries hard enough, he could probably win; but all in all I think he might be a late pre-merge or early merge boot.
Dravery Avery Fireflame
Dravery is one of those 'wtf' characters you don't expect to see go far. Dravery managed to go rather far in his original season, and even had that iconic moment of purchasing the Dravery tape at the auction. I think Dravery will be an early pre-merge boot. I don't foresee him going far; but hey, this is a game about second chances. If Dravery can get into some alliances he could definitely progress in the game.
Beverly Mr. Blonde
Beverly was a very early boot. Despite the fact, she was a very entertaining character on Redemption Island. In Morocco, we ended up having an odd cast of 13 people, so to kick it off we began RI by having tribes picked. Beverly was not chosen and was left astray. She dominated a few duels until being forcefully eliminated by a failed internet connection. Now that her player has a better internet connection, I can imagine Beverly could have a very good chance at going far in the competition. Beverly did dominate Redemption until her elimination, so even if she is voted out I still think she could make it and return. She was an entertaining character who had great interactions with Cornflakes on Redemption. As far as it goes, I bet Beverly could make it to the merge and probably even make the Final Tribal Council.
KittyWilde Dakotacoons
Kitty was a completely robbed character in Seyche-gah--I threw up in my mouth a little. Anyways, Kitty was a great character who was robbed by Forrest. Because of this, Kitty never exactly got to shine. Being Dakota I can imagine Kitty can shy her way through to the merge and maybe even the Final Tribal Council. I don't have much to say about her because of how low she placed.
Sugar Fann Y. Fiction the 2010th

Sugar was a completely robbed character in Seyche-gah--I threw up in my mouth a little bit more. These are the only Seychelles people that will ever return, just BY THE WAY. Sugar made the final four and was blindsided when she did not win immunity. At her fault, she was eliminated in the place of DYINGVIRGIN ;-; --Sugar could very well go far in the competition.

Blinks Cokeman11
This one I'm not entirely sure will be able to even make the RP. Blinks was voted out in the first impressions twist of China, which simply ended up in them swapping tribes to have a better chance in the game. Sadly, it did not work out for Blinks OR Nick in any way. At their first tribal councils, they were voted out. Blinks even revealed who he was once he got out in the open vote, ironically. He continued to play until his eventual elimination. I've been wanting Blinks back for a long time, and this is really the only place he would be fit. If he does come, however, I would expect Blinks to go to the merge.
Clarissa Owenandheatherfan
Clarissa was a queen in Lost Islands. She was eliminated just shy of the merge and was so close to returning to the competition over Bowser, but Bowser eventually got the returnee ticket instead of her. She could very well win the competition if she makes it to the game. I can imagine Clarissa joining a few strong alliances and probably even getting her hands on an idol. If she makes a visit to Redemption Island, she would definitely return. I can foresee her going, at the least, to the merge and probably even the Final Tribal Council.
RobbieShapiro Ben109
RobbieShapiro was the very first boot of Dravivor: Tahiti. He was a mysterious character in the game before the pair elimination and was a very mysterious character on Redemption Island. He had an unusual conflict with his partner, but according to Ben he had a lot of material for him, so why not let him back in? He can either do well or he can become the Francesca of Dravivor. Who knows? I foresee him at least being a late pre-merge boot to early merge boot.
King Alfonso Mister.. E.
King Alfonso was one of those joke sex characters, but he was actually good. He had great interactions with Turid and I wouldn't be surprised if he managed to go far into the game. His early boot and fail at Redemption don't really show me much of what he was, but at the least I know he could go relatively far.
Turid Toadgamer80
Turid is one of Toad's Katzenjammer characters. This was his edition of Turid, of course. She had really good interactions with Alfonso, and was idoled out by the Turntkey sisters in Tahiti. Had she not been idoled out, I'm sure Turid would have been able to win. I can see Turid going to the Final Tribal Council or even being a merge boot and being one of the last members of the jury. I look forward to more of her Katzenjammer references.
Eleanor Shadowgeoff
Eleanor was a queen in Lost Islands. She managed to blindside CITCourtney in her wake. Because of her eventual blindside in the next tribal council, she was allowed to return in All Stars. That is now combined with returning for the Resurrection, because of her failing in All Stars with SG having to go call someone (or something I don't really know). Eleanor is getting her third chance, and if she excels or even wins, she could possibly return a fourth time. For the most part, I'm eager to see Eleanor in action this season to see if she lives up to my expectations. I can foresee Eleanor going anywhere. She could be a pre merge boot, she could be a juror, or she could even be the winner. Eleanor, since she is on her third season now, is going to be a Captain who will be coaching her tribe in the game to winning.
Haigh TrentFan
Haigh was in Latvia (Camps vs FF) and was the highest placing camps member. Because of this status, despite making third place, is enough for him to return. Despite him now being much of a hardcore player, I think he could either float to the end or be one of the first boots. Either way, Haigh doesn't have that much going for him either way.
Raven Baxter BrunoSomebody
Raven was the fourth person in Dravivor's history to be rocked out. Because of this she was a very early boot. She was a great character in Maldives who deserves a second chance because of being rocked out. She has the potential to win (but Bruno has won two Dravivors already ;\) but I foresee her going to the merge and probably being blindsided near the end of the game.
OprahWinfrey Natedog14
Oprah made the final four of Maldives and ended up losing the firemaking challenge next to Debbie. She was a hilarious character that was robbed of her win at the last second. The question is, can she actually win this time? I'm not entirely sure about that, but I see Oprah probably being on the jury or being a late pre merge boot.
JoeBiden Nalyd Renrut
This is another person I don't think will make it. JoeBiden was invited back to countless seasons (skupin, anyone?) and never showed up. All Stars didn't quite seem the same without him. Hopefully he will show up so JoeBiden can get the time he deserves against the other fabulous players in this season. If he does show up I could definitely foresee him winning.
Zac LongLiveLion
Zac was from Congo and was rid of in the double elimination. I don't have much to say about Zac, actually, but I can foresee Zac going pre merge. Most people didn't like him but Mika wants to be him so...unless Zac gets into a powerful alliance and doesn't overplay, or even perhaps idols themselves somehow, they could go far.
Cassie De Blanca

Soaring Spirits

Cassie De Blanca is the other Captain player returning aside of Eleanor. Cassie was the final boot in China who probably deserved the win over Candace, but lost because Candace misread my instructions. She failed in All Stars thanks to another alliance blindsiding her. She is now back for a final time and a final run at the million dollar prize. I can see her going far but at the same time she could be a victim of a blindside early on in the game.
DimPossible That Epic
DimPossible was another Maldives fail. She started off great but ended with a lukewarm response from me. I did not exactly hate her but at the same time I didn't like her all that much either. Dim will hopefully impress me this go around. Epic's characters normally don't do well in Dravivor, but perhaps this one will actually do well on its second time around? Who knows--but I see Dim being a pre merge boot.

This season has the potential to be the best RP in history and it has the potential to be the world's largest fail. It all depends on the boot order and the winner. Will the players who don't go far team up to get rid of the others? Or will the people who have made it all the way band together to get rid of the others? Will the pre merge boots on this list team up against the runners up or captains? Or will there be shocking eliminations and a shocking redemption island returnee? Who knows what will go down!?

All I can say is that it will be one heck of a show.

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