Contestant Original Tribe Merged Tribe Finish Redemption
Rocasha 1st Voted Out
Day 3
Lost Duel 1
Day 7
Rocasha 3rd Voted Out
Day 9
Lost Duel 2
Day 10
Die Antwoord
Lokamoio 4th Voted Out
Day 12
Lost Duel 3
Day 13
Drake Parkr
Mister.. E.
Rocasha 5th Voted Out
Day 15
Lost Duel 4
Day 16
Lokamoio 6th Voted Out
Day 18
Lost Duel 5
Day 19
Shantae-Tashlina (5th)
Bocasha 2nd Voted Out
Day 6
Lost Duel 6
Day 22
Rocasha Masilask Evacuated
Day 22
Dr. Doofenshmirtz
Rocasha Masilask 8th Voted Out
Day 24
Lost Duel 7
Day 25
Lokamoio 7th Voted Out
Day 21
Lost Duel 8
Day 28
That Epic
Lokamoio Masilask 9th Voted Out
Day 27
Lost Duel 9
Day 31
Turid (7th)
Lokamoio Masilask 11th Voted Out
Day 33
Lost Duel 10
Day 34
Rocasha Masilask 12th Voted Out
Day 36
Lokamoio Masilask 10th Voted Out
Day 30
Won Duel 10
Day 34
13th Voted Out
Day 37
Rocasha Masilask 14th Voted Out
Day 38
Avery DramaFlame
Lokamoio Masilask Runner-Up
Day 39
Fann Y. Fiction the 2010th
Lokamoio Masilask Winner
Day 39

Memorable MomentsEdit

  • Sunny not being the first boot.
  • InsertPenis trying to form an Orgy but failing miserable and getting voted off.
  • Shantae-Tashlina purposely throwing Challenges, however the tribe quickly catching on and voted her out.
  • Mike raging over his elimination, accusing everyone of being Dildo Heads.
  • DickValentine almost getting ejected for threatening the Host.
  • Bruno playing a vulgar Character, yet still being a goddess.
  • Turid not condemning Die Antwoord's sexual humour.
  • Random Perry the Platipus cameos.
  • Reddy almost losing to Bruno in a typing Challenge.
  • Drake Parkr's really being Josh Nichols in disguise.
  • Deandra giving the Lokamoio tribe explosive diarrhea with her Cookies.
  • Avery DramaFlame raging at JohnKennedy, saying he has the writing of a spastic six year old.
  • JohnKennedy randomly pulling out his dick Idol, taking out ZactasticMe.
  • HeroineGranger using the Stupefy spell to sabotage her team, plus sending herself the Drexile Island to find the Idol.
  • Zac's obvious parody of himself.
  • CarlaShaw attempting to befriend Deandra, but later showing her disappointment due to Deandra spending her time in the Bathroom over her.
  • Nate beating Reddy in a personality contest.
  • Sunny having to leave, therefore accidentally getting HeroineGranger petrified and removed from the Game.
  • Mr. Doofenshmirtz attempting to mastermind the game, but instead Idol'ing himself out.
  • Avery DramaFlame purposely picking fights with everyone.
  • PresidentSarah successfully playing both sides to benefit her Game.
  • Mr. Doofensmirtz building a Time Machine to overtake JohnKennedy in the Duel, but failing miserable.
  • Chris being INV for the most part of the Game, but gets voted out the second he returned to activity.
  • Deandra trowing everyone's Luxury Items in the sewage system, due to not being feed.
  • The #BlindsideTuridAlliance consisting of everyone (expect Turid) all turning on one another, sending Carla to Redemption.
  • Turid's reunion of Turid of Alfonso becoming incredible steamy.
  • Avery DramaFlame's breakdown when he won a Night Away with LongLiveLamp.
  • PresidentSarah purposely throwing the family visit, so she wouldn't have to deal with Toni.
  • CarlaShaw's incredible anti-climatic return to the Game.
  • The contestants catching on to PresidentSarah's attempt at playing both sides, and blindside her arrogant ass out the Game.
  • Deandra attempting to re-create a porn scene, much to Avery's dismay.
  • PJIRC breaking causing everyone to use change to Webchat. (ew!)
  • Cassidy being the obvious Winner, however getting robbed at the Final 3.
  • The insanely bitter Jury, almost refusing to vote for either finalist.

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