Ranking Season Name Best Character Worst Character
10 Seychelles Forrest/Kitty Sebastian
This is an atrocity. I will not dignify it with a description.
9 Latvia Basil Daniel
This RP was not the worst thing in the world but it certainly was bad. Basil was the only entertaining player there and ended up being the first out at merge. Basically, the whole thing went downhill when Basil was eliminated.
8 Congo Aaryn Gries Britney
Congo was not the best but it also was not the worst. It had a few good characters, and the best part is that all the bad ones went rather early. It was also the debut of Aaryn and BrICE, who would later shine greatly in All Stars.
7 Croatia Effoff Trinket Mily Cryus
Croatia was a spontaneous season that I had no idea would even work. When it actually did gain 9 people I got excited. The quality was ruined by me having to slightly rush through it but overall the game was great and had a great winner.
6 China Candace Flynn Nick/8Bit
China was riddled with unusual twists, which is what ruined it from being higher. The eventual turnout with Candace winning and the amazing final three is what brought it to this point. The swap was a good idea on paper but was not really a good idea when executed...
5 Maldives See List Below Alejandro

Even with someone who regularly doesn't have good characters; Maldives had some of the best characters from these lesser-known users. It made great use of users who don't get far and it also continued the hilarious streak of black people (and hispanics) being rocked out of Dravivor. [This is the most racist show ever just saying]. Overall, this was a great season but cannot outlast the four classics.

The best characters, since it's too large to list above, are: Timmy, Debbie, Raven, and Oprah.

4 Lost Islands Dravivor654 Blake
This was the debut season and it was great. I can't really say more than that. Yes there were people who lost interest but it was a great season with a great final three and winner.
3 All Stars The Final Four Michelle
This was a great season with a great returning cast. Among the greatness were several robbed characters and many iconic moments. AmberSivayus burning the real idol Yang gave to her has made my top 10 RP moments. Aaryn winning after being booted after a technicality was kind of cool, too.
2 Morocco Amber/Joe Candela/Cornflakes
This would probably be the best season had Candela not quit. But, nonetheless, it had a great winner and the boot order wasn't horrible. It was the first season to use Redemption Island it worked out nicely. Overall this was an amazing RP.
1 Tahiti Superstar Mikala
Tahiti was a good example of the whole 'Tyson-Gervase-Monica' alliance thing. We had the two dominating players, Alize and Ashley Turntkey, and their 'Monica', Valesca. Ashley was voted out first and returned from RI only to make first runner up. Of the good cast, several good players were robbed of winning (looking at you, Superstar). Overall this season is the best of Dravivor at the time and is beloved by all of the competitors who remain on the wiki.
Ranking Winner Name Username Main Season Other Seasons
10 Raye Rhonda the Stalker Fan Seychelles None
You are probably gonna stay in this spot for eternity. Raye was just a bad winner that worshiped Satan and did nothing more than complain about the jury complaining about her.
9 Wondrasch Fann Y. Fiction the 2010th Latvia All Stars
Wondrasch was a mystery at first, until the ultimate scandal in All Stars that proved who he/she was. Wondrasch was the most boring winner who was fairly predictable...all the time.
8 DramaLlama Indi26 Congo None
Indi's first ever RP was Dravivor! Woo! DramaLlama was a great player who did nothing but eat grass and score well in alliances and challenges. Her first game that she played and won was great--and she was a great player as well.
7 Candace Flynn Jaxswim China None
Candace was boring at first, but at merge she emerged a great player who took on an alliance with several other amazing players. Candace stayed in her personality and went against several fierce competitiors. She was amazing nonetheless.
6 Rutillia Sunslicer2 Croatia None
Rudy was a great player that I did not expect to win at all. Personally I figured Effoff Trinket would win, but when the 1-1-1-1 tie occured Rutillia got rid of her and became the star of the show. She was a great winner.
5 Debbie LongLiveLion Maldives None

Debbie was a great winner and was very deserving. This was one of Mika's best characters.


4 Valesca BrunoSomebody Tahiti None
Of all of the people who could have won, I did not expect Valesca to win. In the very end he was going to cause a tie breaker challenge between Superstar and Ashley, but they misunderstood who to vote, and so Superstar got the boot instead. This just left Valesca with the two Turntkey sisters in the very end. Overall he wasn't the worst winner but he also wasn't the best.
3 Aaryn Gries Dakotacoons Congo All Stars
Aaryn is the only person...well, ever, to never be voted out in any of her seasons. In Congo, she was eliminated due to a techinicality. In her second season, she won against her opponent, Brice, who was a first out in his first season. She did very well in both of her seasons, and had she not been annihilated in Congo, she would have won there as well. She's only number two because of how out of character she becomes.
2 Amber Sivayus Nduke Morocco All Stars
Most of Duke's characters are...well, bad. No offense meant at all -- but Amber is one of his gems. Amber was great in Morocco and survived so long against the odds. She never spent a day on Redemption Island and was responsible for a lot of eliminations. I was not surprised at her winning--not one tiny bit. The only issue is that, for a long time we thought she was an original character. But, we know she's a copy of someone from Big Brother, which drags her down in rankings.
1 Dravivor654 BrunoSomebody Lost Islands All Stars

Dravivor was a great parody of...someone who shall not be named. In his first season he was spot on and great at nearly everything, which allowed him to win. In the second season, All Stars, he was rather angry and annoyed at his other Lost Islands competitors because of them not talking to him. His elimination caused him to be angered.

Best winner to date after the revision.

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