White domesticated duck, stretching
Some Attributes
First quack
Second Sexual relationship with Marmalada which scared everyone
Third Was so annoying that it caused Toad's character, Cristiana, to quit in the first round
Other Attributes
Fourth QUACK
Fifth um hunties u cant vote out the duck xo

Duck was a contestant in Epicvivor: Romania. He was best known for shouting "quack" every 10 seconds and being very annoying in general. He was played by LongLiveLion. He is also known for his very out-of-character outburst which annoyed everyone in the fourth Tribal Council.


Duck was born a duckling and he grew up into a Duck that shouts "quack".

When angry, he is known to shout out "QUACK".

Epicvivor: RomaniaEdit

Duck's Voting History
Episode Duck's
Voted Against
1 quack Marmalada, DynamiteGirl
2 quack -
3 QUACK AngryMother, DesperateWhore
4 QUAAAAAAAACCCCCCKKKKK Marmalada, Dolly, DynamiteGirl, AngryMother,
DesperateWhore, JessicaSimspon
Voted Out, Day 12


  • It is unknown who Duck voted for ever, because his votes were always quacks.

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