Ranking Character Season Placing Reason
8th Sue Dravivor: Seychelles 5th

She literally did nothing except blindside Kitty with Forest. She literally said nor did anything else and actually only tried in a single challenge. Frankly, she SUCKED.

7th Dorothy




Fire liked her and she wasn't bad for a UTR character. I just eventually ran out of material and kind of gave up. She was also an early elimination, landing this play. Overall Dorothy was okay.

6th Addison




She was meh. I wouldn't say she was absolutely horrible.. she had a good social game going, but was somewhat annoying. She at least had a great rivalry with Dora and made it far.

5th LadyGaga Dravivor: Maldives 5th

I liked her. She had some good lines and great interactions with Debbie/Alejandro. She was more of a joke character and therefore never tried in the challenges. Had she made it farther and tried in the challenges, she would've been much higher.

4th LindsayLohan



4th She was OTT and bitchy mess. I loved playing as her. I think she was a pretty funny portryal of Lindsay Lohan. She somehow made it to the F3 with no votes against her, despite being an annoying trainwreck.
3th Beverly



11th She was great in Morocco. She returned for SC and wasn't nearly as good as she could've been, sadly. Still not bad, but not as good as both Dra and I anticipated.
2nd SethDarko



5th Let me just say, StefonxSeth forever. I really enjoyed playing as him and spamming cheesy emo quotes. His post-Stefon elimination depression was great too.
1st LadyHamsbury Soovyver: Acre? 5th I love her, I really do.. I don't mean to brag, but she was great. Her British slang <33 I really think she was rather hilarious. Her hatred towards DyingVirgin, FTC speech, sexist alliance with Ania and everything.. just <3

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