Ebenezer Scrooge
Some Attributes
First 5th Place in Christmasvivor 2013.
Second "Bah! Humbug!"
Third "I hate Christmas!"
Other Attributes
Fourth His "I hope the three Christmas ghosts visit Black Santa and shove a Christmas tree in his ass" jury speech.

Ebenezer Scrooge was a contestant in Christmasvivor 2013. He is most remember for being a cold-hearted miser who despised Christmas at first, but after being visited by three ghosts while in the show, he learned a lesson and became nicer and started to like Christmas.


Name (Age): Ebenezer Scrooge (59)
Tribe Designation: North Pole
Occupation Money lender and investor.
Personal Claim to Fame: Being rich.
Inspiration in Life: Donald Trump.
Hobbies: Winning money, being evil, crushing people's dreams, destroying Christmas decorations.
Pet Peeves: Holidays in general, especially Christmas.
3 Words to Describe You: Rich, mean, Christmas-hater.
If You Could Have 3 Things on The Island What Would They Be and Why?
1) Money.
2) A shot gun to kill Santa Claus.
3) More money.
SURVIVOR RP Contestant You Are Most Like: Randy Bailey.
Reason for Being on SURVIVOR RP: For the money.
Why You Think You’ll “Survive” SURVIVOR RP: Because I hate Christmas.
Why You Think You Will Be the Sole SURVIVOR RP: Because I hate Christmas.

Christmasvivor 2013Edit

Ebezener's Voting History
Episode Ebezener's
Voted Against
1 Santa Claus;
Jack Frost
2 Dasher
3 Dasher -
4 Easter Bunny Individual Immunity
5 Santa Claus Black Santa, Santa Claus
You Mama
Voted Off, Day 15
Voted for
Sole Christmasvivor


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