Some Attributes
First 3rd-placer, Ovivor: Bali
Second Final Jury Member
Third Finally found who she wanted to be on the island.
Other Attributes

Eevee was a castaway on Ovivor: Bali. She went onto the show a bashful girl trying to find herself. During her time on the island, she found three evolutionary stones and struggled with whether or not she wanted to evolve. She had a close relationship with Kim Possible, who helped her realize that she didn't need to evolve to become her own individual. Eevee eventually grew confident in herself, and went on to win two immunity challenge before being voted out at the final three by Liam. As she left, Eevee finally decided the fate of the evolutionary stones she had found-- into the fire they went.

Voting HistoryEdit

Ovivor: BaliEdit

# Eevee's
Votes Against
1 Tribal Council Cancelled
2 Sanur Tribe Immune
3 Tock -
4 Sanur Tribe Immune
5 Darek -
6 Crustle -
7 Jaclyn Individual Immunity
8 Magic Conch Individual Immunity
9 Magic Conch Liam, Magic Conch
10 Ineligible Liam
Voted Out, Day 20
Voted for
Sole Survivor

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