Some Attributes
First Winner of Revivor Hawaii, no matter what any of those POSERS say
Second His bling is FLY
Third Had a wack-ass feud with Kat
Other Attributes

Zeke is the 11th placer of Revivor: Hawaii. Known primarily for his dilusion and determination to not be booted first and win. He eventually managed to not be booted first, but sadly was booted second after losing the challenge for his team. He eventually returned for Redvivor: All-Stars, and won against Marianne and Marisa in a 4-3-0 vote.

Redvivor: HawaiiEdit

Zeke's Voting History
Day Zeke's
Voted Against
1 Betsy Kat
2 Kat Ines, Kat, Marianne
Voted Off, Day 6

Redvivor: All-StarsEdit

Coming Soon... :o

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