Fanvivor: Trashy Strip Club, was the first installment in the Survivor parody roleplay series, Fanvivor. This season took place at Juicy Lucy's Strip Club, which was extremely trashy and disgusting. Here, eleven contestants competed against eachother and voted one another out until they finally got down to one! 

Contestant HistoryEdit

Contestant Original Tribe Merged Tribe Finish Votes
Pole-r Bears 1st Voted Out
Day 3
Naked Narwhals 2nd Voted Out
Day 6
Naked Narwhals Died
Day 9
Jebidiah Atkinson
Pole-r Bears 3rd Voted Out
Day 9
Pole-r Bears Powerful Pussies 4th Voted Out
1st Jury Member
Day 12
Naked Narwhals 5th Voted Out
2nd Jury Member
Day 15
Pole-r Bears 6th Voted Out
3rd Jury Member
Day 18
Anne Maria
Naked Narwhals 7th Voted Out
4th Jury Member
Day 21
Naked Narwhals 8th Eliminated
5th Jury Member
Day 24
Pole-r Bears Runner-Up
Day 27
Ginga Ninja Jack
Naked Narwhals Sole Fanvivor
Day 27

Game SynopsisEdit

Day 3 - "Do We Have To Be Naked"Edit

Fanny welcomed everyone to Fanvivor: Trashy Strip Club and split the eleven contestants into two teams, The Naked Narwhals and the Pole-r Bears. The first challenge was called "Musical Lapdance", where the contestants basically played musical chairs, and if they sat down, they got a lapdance. Eventually, the Naked Narwhals won, where the Pole-r Bears voted out Potato.

Day 6 - "Horny Orange"Edit

In the second challenge, "Victoria's Secret", contestants had to pick a color, either Tickle-Me-Pink, Horny-Orange, or Doin'-It-In-The-Pitch-Black. The least popular color then was eliminated, and everyone kept on going. The Pole-r Bears won, sending the Naked Narwhals to elimination, where Pumpernickel was voted off. 

Day 9 - "Zero Out Of Four Stars"Edit

In the third challenge, "Unscramble My Egg", the final nine had to unscramble the names of strippers who worked at the club. Cherry Poppins was found having sex with the dead body of JohnLocke, who was then eliminated. When the Naked Narwhals won, the Pole-r Bears sent home Jebidiah, who claimed that he would be reviewing the game 0 out of 4 stars. 

Day 12 - "I Don't Strip"Edit

The final seven learned they were merging. In a challenge where two people could win immunity, the stakes were high. In a challenge to submit the best merge name, Anne Maria won the first immunity with the name Powerful Pussies. Later in a relay race, the contestants had to walk onstage, pole dance, collect tips, and walk off, where Johnson eventually won. At the elimination ceremony, the votes were split between Archie and Arthur, and Archie became the first member of the jury.

Day 15 - "Oompa Loompa Queen"Edit

The final six had to compete in a competition called R.A.N.T. Farm, where they had to politely insult Fanny's body. When Johnson won for the best original insult, he gained immunity. At the elimination ceremony, Suzette decided to leave her old alliance, which led into her being blindsided and the second jury member.

Day 18 - "Pregnancy Medevac"Edit

In the official Fanvivor Auction, the final five had five hundred dollars to spend on the bidding items. Braden first spent all five hundred dollars for the ability to vote twice in a tribal council. Anne Maria later spent all her money on a stripper of her choice, choosing Ben Dover. Tammy later spent sixty dollars and won an immunity idol, and Johnson spent fifty and earned a crystal immunity idol, which allowed him to look at the votes before he played the idol. Tammy later bought immunity and Arthur won an extra jury vote. When Tammy was immune, everyone saw the chance to take out the biggest threat. Thanks to miscommunication, Johnson was voted out 2-1-1-. 

Day 21 - "No One Saw This Cumming"Edit

The final four learned they'd be competitng in Fanvivor Trivia. Arthur easily dominated and got all four questions right, winning immunity. Tammy played her vote, nullifying her two votes. Braden and Anne Maria's long-lasting relationship ended when Braden decided to use both his votes on Anne Maria, eliminating her. 

Day 24 - "Fat People Are Totally Amazing"Edit

In a combination of all the previous challenges, the final three were really fighting for their right. In Musical Lapdance, Tammy was first eliminated from immunity. When Victoria's Secret ended, it resulted in a tie, where R.A.N.T. Farm 2.n0 started. Braden won, securing immunity into the final two. In a final relay race, Arthur edged out under-the-radar g.oddess Tammy and sent her home as the last member of the jury.

Day 27 - "Wrap This Up"Edit

The final two, Arthur and Braden, were given an opportunity to address the jury on why they should win. Later, the jury could question them. It was seen that Arthur was the more deserving finalist, when he won 3 - 2 over Braden, and even 4 - 2 thanks to his extra jury vote. 

Voting TableEdit

Castaway 3 6 9 12 15 18 21 24 27
Arthur Pumpernickel Archie Suzette Johnson Tammy WIN WINNER*
Braden Potato Jebidiah Arthur Tammy AnneMaria Anne Maria (x2) WIN RUNNER-UP
Tammy Pumpernickel Archie Suzette Braden Braden LOSE Braden
Anne Maria Pumpernickel Archie Suzette Johnson Tammy Arthur
Johnson Potato Jebidiah Arthur Tammy Arthur Arthur
Suzette Tammy Archie Braden Braden
Archie Potato Jebidiah Arthur Arthur
Jebidiah Potato Archie
JohnLocke JohnLocke DEAD
Pumpernickel Pumpernickel
Potato Archie
  • ~ Arthur received an extra jury vote, after he purchased one in the Fanvivor Auction on Day 18. 

Contestant RankingsEdit

Ranking Contestant Username Tribes(s) Final Placing
11 Potato Natedog14 Pole-r Bears 1st Voted Out
11th Place
Now, Potato ranks so low because I've had up to my fair share of seeing food characters. The characters that just "sit there" or "roll onto the chair" and don't do anything. Potato is just another one of those characters. I'll give him credit, in the first challenge when he said "flopped onto the chair" it was sorta funny, but became old and I'm glad the Pole-r Bears got rid of him. 
10 Suzette Natedog14 Naked Narwhals 5th Voted Out
6th Place
Powerful Pussies
Suzette was one of those characters I have trouble remembering. Let's just say that if I can't remember you, you aren't going to rank high on this list, unless I really didn't like other characters. Nate, this was really not a good roleplay for you. However, I did think it was cool that Suzette tried to go against her alliance and vote out Tammy, but it didn't even have a shot of working. 
9 JohnLocke RainbowJack Naked Narwhals Died
9th Place
JohnLocke was my favorite, the one I was rooting for from the first challenge. He seemed like one of those players that CBS would over-glorize into making us hate him eventually. JohnLocke however never got to that point due to being inactive. JohnLocke is ranked high than Suzette mainly for the glorious way he died, killed by the stripper, Cherry Poppins. 
8 Pumpernickel Ben109 Naked Narwhals 2nd Voted Out
10th Place
Pumpernickel is one of the food characters that isn't so bad. Giving them a personality and action can be hilarious, like how Pumpernickel was self-hating. It first came off as hilarious, especially when he voted for himself in the wrong tribal council. However, it was inevitable that eventually Pumpernickel would go home, and lucky he did when he did, because I imagine he would've soon gotten annoying. 
7 Jebidiah Atkinson ? Pole-r Bears 3rd Voted Out
8th Place
Jebidiah was someone who I personally found hilarious. I immediately got the reference of the Weekend Update SNL character, however he failed to stay in character. Jebidiah was only in character when he rated things out of stars, which frankly was starting to get overused. I was hoping Jebidiah would go farther however, and would defintely give him a second chance. 
6 Tammy Shadowgeoff Naked Narwhals 8th Eliminated
3rd Place
Powerful Pussies
Now, do not get me wrong. Tammy was an UTR g.oddess. Tammy, while invisible for a majority of the game, played a huge role in some of the post-merge part of the game. When she purchased immunity and an immunity idol, she secured herself into the final three. Her idol was also a key part in the game, because it allowed to nullify her votes and send Anne Maria home. Tammy was defintely a favorite.
5 Arthur Ginga Ninja Jack Naked Narwhals Sole Fanvivor
Powerful Pussies
Arthur, do not get offended that you're not higher than fifth place. You were a great winner, and I'm proud you did. However, you tended to become very out-of-character and really only stayed true to character when you said "I'M MORBIDLY OBESE." But you were still entertaining and a great character! I feel like if you could've stayed even more in character, you've could've been even better!
4 Archie AveryFireFlame Pole-r Bears 4th Eliminated
7th Place
Powerful Pussies
Archie was a hilarious character to me. He was an ass who made it apparent that he had no sex appeal whatsoever. I thought Archie was going to be one of the first outs, but he lasted a lot longer than I thought. Archie's conflicts with virtually everyone was great too! Overall, Archie was a hilarious character who I wish got a lot more time to develop, but unfortunately was on the wrong side of the numbers. 
3 Braden Fyrexx Pole-r Bears Runner-Up
Powerful Pussies
Braden was always one that I was rooting for. He kinda had that underdog quality that I loved, and it made me love him even more when he first tried voting for Anne Maria. It was completely unexpected to me, and it was hilarious. Eventually when he used his two votes and got Anne Maria out was great! I loved his friendship with Johnson and really found Braden to be a good character! 

Possibilities For Future SeasonsEdit

  • All-Stars: Arthur, Braden, Tammy, Anne Maria, Johnson, Archie
  • Second Chances/Redemption: Jebidiah, Archie
  • Heroes vs Villains: Braden, Johnson vs Anne Maria, Archie

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