Rank Contestant Series Season(s) Place
1 Rory Kitzmar Epicvivor Midway Island 2nd Place
Fans vs. Favorites Winner
Heroes vs. Villains 10th Place
2 Cole Clemence Redvivor China 5th Place
All-Stars 12th Place
3 Fahrwood Redvivor Malawi 6th Place
Blood vs. Water 4th Place
All-Stars 15th Place
4 Villager TV Stars Las Vegas 12th Place
Bollywood 6th Place
5 Rodney Lavoie, Jr. Redvivor Easter Island Winner
6 Ciera Eastin Friends & Foes Seoul 3rd Place
7 Avery IceFreeze Redvivor Egypt 5th Place
Fans vs. Favorites 15th Place
8 Tina Belcher TV Stars Broadway 3rd Place
9 Livid Laci Epicvivor Gabon Winner
10 Sun Hwa-Kwon Ovivor Nova Scotia 6th Place
11 Nina Poersch TV Stars Paris 5th Place
12 Fig Redvivor Sweden 11th Place
Second Chance 8th Place
13 Captain Freedom Ovivor El Salvador 6th Place
All-Stars 8th Place
14 Quasimodo Ovivor Costa Rica 8th Place
15 Tyler Oakley Toadvivor Michigan Winner
16 Claire Clemence Redvivor Angola 8th Place
17 Dravery Dravivor Tahiti 8th Place
All-Stars 11th Place
18 Bloody Ben Friends & Foes Friends & Foes 1 5th Place
19 Angel Valentine TV Stars Hollywood Winner
20 Luna Redvivor Philippines 4th Place
21 Spencer Bledsoo Mikavivor Canada Winner
22 Forrest Dravivor Seychelles 8th Place
Fans vs. Favorites 7th Place
23 Bob & Linda TV Stars Hawaii 12th Place
24 Flynnigan Toadvivor Greece 7th Place
25 Conroy Redvivor Cook Islands 11th Place
26 Colton Scumbie Dravivor Romania 9th Place
Blood vs. Water 8th Place
27 Lucy Van Pelt TV Stars Tokyo 14th Place
28 Melanie Martinez Ovivor Ethiopia 8th Place
29 Naked Body Toadvivor Norway 6th Place
30 Oliver Writes Redvivor Redemption Island 11th Place
31 Timmy Turner Dravivor Maldives 3rd Place
Blood vs. Water 14th Place
32 Archie Fanvivor Trashy Strip Club 7th Place
33 Papa Rainbow Ovivor India 4th Place
34 Pizza Delivery Boy Epicvivor Gabon 5th Place
35 FaMulan Epicvivor Malawi 11th Place
36 Ken HoHang Dravivor Croatia 7th Place
37 Tock Tickety Ovivor Bali 10th Place
38 Fire Nalyd's Survivor IRC Island 2nd Place
39 Grandma Plumb Rejectvivor Australia 4th Place
40 Mrs. Benson Epicvivor Pearl Islands 8th Place
41 Tootie Turner Dravivor Blood vs. Water 16th Place
42 Avery Virgin Epicvivor Blood vs. Water 11th Place
43 Fletcher Redvivor Chad 12th Place
44 Sly Guy Ovivor Brazil 8th Place
45 Flower944 Soovyver Acre? 6th Place
46 Black Maid Dravivor Blood vs. Water 14th Place
47 EnTrey CKSurvivor Singapore 6th Place
48 Invisiyes Epicvivor Fans vs. Favorites 12th Place
49 Leafy Ovivor Fans vs. Favorites 13th Place
50 Omegle Monster Redvivor Australia 10th Place
51 Larry CKSurvivor Martinique 7th Place
52 Yin Dravivor Lost Islands 11th Place

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