Contestant Season User Days Lasted Previous Season(s)
Tia Ait Season 1 Sunslicer2 21
Noah Hall North Pole Owenandheatherfan 15
Virgin Mary South Pacific EnTrey 6
Rachel Reilly Japan Reddude 12
Ash Ketchum Japan That Epic 15
Linwood Boomer The Sahara Mister..E. 9
Chandler Bing The Sahara Thebiggesttdifan 18
Analapinquana Jones The Sahara COKEMAN11 21
Lauren Bidness Cape Horn Jaxswim 18
Yejide Akiloye Redemption Island Sunslicer2 15
GOD Redemption Island SpaceWeather 36
Chef Bobby Redemption Island Mister..E. 39
Kass Patterson Redemption Island Toadgamer80 39
Lunch Lady Belinda Ecuador Fann Y. Fiction 18
Orlando Bloom Robot Pirate Island SpaceWeather 15
Bella Isaacs Blood vs. Water Toadgamer80 27
Monica Bing Blood vs. Water Thebiggesttdifan 30
JESUS Blood vs. Water (SpaceWeather) 30
Ms.Piggy Brazil Echomist x 9
Bruno Somebody Brazil BrunoSomebody 24

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