Gaybeéu LaVodka
Some Attributes
First 10th place and 1st jury member
Third fucks sandbag sideways
Other Attributes
Fourth Is surprisingly not the most promiscuous on his tribe

Gaybeéu LaVodka was a contestant in Toadvivor: Michigan. He is most remembered for loving Vodka Natasha, having a platonic crush on Neb and calling him his "twink powerbottom", having an ACTUAL relationship with Tyler Oakley, and fucking a sandbag sideways during a challenge he was sitting out. He is also remembered for his Ménage à Trois alliance with Tyler and Neb, and being idoled with 1 vote.

Toadvivor MichiganEdit

cummin soon


  • He was played by Mana.
  • He is based on a fake account Facebook suggested me to friend.

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