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Example UserEdit

  • Description: A borewhore gamebot who floats to the end and wins.
    • Examples: Greg, Harry, etc.
  • Description 2: A wreckless gimmick character.
    • Examples: Stanley, etc.


  • Usually plays extremely UTR characters
  • Has a generic name like "Wendy" or "Barry."


  • Gimmick character.
  • Strategic.
  • If typing a contraction will put a semicolon instead of an apostrophe
  • Usually fades in and out of talking very fancy like.
  • Occasionally will parody someone/something from a show he watches
  • When a character begins to stray from it's original gimmick they will become a complete and total asshole much like the person playing them.
  • Probst109
  • Will usually incorporate "Ben" or "Ben109" into his character's name. (Probst109, Benbo, Neb109)


  • Generally makes merge and places around fifth.
  • No longer uses colored font or chatzilla, instead going with webchat.
  • Usually makes many spelling mistakes in which he soon after corrects in parenthesis.
  • Usually never forms alliances and is usually only ever in one if invited by another.
  • Generally only ever tries in or wins sandbags or musical chairs-esque challenges.




  • Usually a joke Character or parody of something, usually a Survivor contestant or Brazilian meme
  • Always uses PJIRC, therefore always has colored font
  • Talks like Bruno (very subtle grammar errors)
  • Most likely does well, but doesn't win anymore
  • Always has a first and last name


  • Frequently plays a parody of an obscure Tengaged user or reality show contestant.
  • Lots of times will talk in lowercase.
  • Usually gets very far unless they have a dominant personality.


  • Almost always a bitchy girl
  • Will usually align on day 1 with other bitchy girls
  • Will often go out-of-character for jury votes


  • Generally forms early alliances
  • Gets angry when those alliances are broken, will often flip out but only in PM
  • Generally good at challenges, wins Individual Immunity a lot
  • Generally makes merge to finals and wins
  • Goes strategybot mode late-game, but still play good characters
  • Generally nags the host to "hurry up" or "continue plz". Especially in Epicvivor
  • Is never in-character in PM
  • NEVER takes Bruno to FTC because Bruno > him (kate)
  • Is CatValentine


  • Is always a certain kind of character, this kind was actually named after him, a "Duke Character" - generic bitchy girl, usually with a common name like "Lindsey" or "Alyssa".
  • Usually uses red or pink font and usually makes merge; sometimes gets out right at merge, but sometimes makes it to the end, and when he does; he wins. 


  • Almost always plays a male character with usually both a first and last name
  • Rarely plays one-dimensional characters; if he does, they're of an obscure interest he has
  • Will sometimes get bored easily with his character and suggest to vote him out on main chat


  • Is everything.


  • Is always someone (usually a minor character) from The Most Popular Girls In School, usually a villain or anti-hero
  • Will often create storylines through tribe chats or PM's, which go unnoticed until he starts talking about them.
  • Uses PJIRC, therefore always has a colored and bolded font.
  • Averages 4th place, right before FTC.


  • Is Rory
  • Pretty much always makes the merge
  • Won't speak of this character in main chat whatsoever.
  • Will accidentally align with Dra
  • Usually plays males
  • Uses bold/colored font always


  • Plays very kind, trusting characters.
  • Usually very obviously does things that only he does.
  • Doesn't cuss.
  • Very following in alliances.
  • Is a heroic male


  • Will constantly overrate his characters in main chat, or be like "___ g.oddess <3" making it somewhat obvious that it is him.
  • Is the one and only Tanner Smith


  • Is generally overly smiley ( :D )
  • Gives herself away especially if someone says 'good game' or something like it--she says 'Great RP!!!! is it over :D !? ' for instance
  • Bores
  • Is Lisa Whelchel.


  • Plays EXTREMELY obscure characters that make references to more obscure TV shows and games
  • Rarely says anything
  • Often does hilariously well.


  • His characters are mainly borewhores.
  • Quiet, normally able to float further into the competition.
  • No detectable personality.


  • Generally has a character without many lines, but when he does have lines, many of them will be "*charactername*, *disturbing thing/nonsequitur*" ... unless it's Fritz, who is actually not Kevvy.
  • Generally, this character pesters your PMs and is rather annoying after a while. They also are boring and are not in very much action.
  • Quits early in the game.


  • Usually picks a character from his fanfictions, or a pop idol. Doesn't have a gimmicky characters often.
  • Uses PJIRC so usually has colored fonts.
  • Will lie about who he is in an attempt to eliminate said person.
  • Usually wins the idol clues and individual immunity challenges.
  • Usually has some gramatically issues, due to being european.


  • Is in Toadvivor as some incredibly obscure character that usually has to do with stuff Mana and Toad discuss in PM


  • (talks in parenthesis when strategizing in PM)


  • Will BRB Often
  • Usually doesn't say much
  • Almost always plays a male character.
  • Will slowly slip out of character if irritated with the host's direction, usually with offhand snarking
  • Is Linwood Boomer.
  • Usually has some obscure name, or a technological device, or a reference to an obscure thing.
  • *internet breaks*


  • Gets second place.
  • Starts off with a strong personality but gets bored and becomes a gamebot.
  • Is the host's favorite.
  • Plays a parody of a Survivor contestant, or an otherwise very strange person.


  • Generally boring and/or obnoxious
  • Is actually very good at challenges despite being a very annoying character
  • Will always quote himself in TDIFF chat and say he loves his character, but then will deny that it's him.
  • Almost always makes it to mid-jury for some inexplicable reason.
  • Has text color on PJIRC that makes your eyes bleed
  • Plays politicians, with no real material other than whatever policies or gaffes they have. Never stops doing this, despite the fact that politician characters are instantly recognizable as his character.


  • Wins a majority of single immunity challenges, and sometimes tribe challenges.
  • Will have individual immunity a LOT, especially if the challenge is speed/typing.
  • Is often an obscure parody of a reality show/Tengaged or an OTTNNN character who uses all caps (i.e. Satan, Stewart)
  • Will find most if not all of the idols.
  • Dominates Redemption Island, especially if the challenges are speed/typing.


  • Throws challenges just because.
  • Often interacts a lot with Ben's characters.
  • Almost always OTT.


  • Sometimes plays a female Deadpan Snarker
  • Usually is pretty UTR pre-merge
  • Places 4th-7th
  • Has one or more underscores after his name
  • Lags out repeatedly
  • Wins Finale


  • Frequently a character who uses solely or primarily unfunny sex humor.
  • Suggests twists to the host, usually ridiculous ones (ex. having Outcasts and Redemption Island in the same season).
  • Gets angry over his elimination and sometimes goes on a Chef-like rant in main chat.
  • May get far until people realize who he is.
  • Most names are just variants of Mike.


  • Will frequently play a male character who doesn't have much personality other than being really nice.
  • Usually said character is a badly done parody of a famous person/fictional character.
  • Constantly strategizes in PM.
  • Almost always stabs his allies in the back.
  • Always talks like the actual Space user.


  • Sometimes bitchy or flamboyant girls
    • Often very OTT
  • Otherwise passive-ish guys
    • Or OTTN/CPN strategy bots
  • Will catch every hosting mistake possible and try to warp the rules.


  • Is OTTN rage Teddy


  • Beast modes trivia challenges, is mediocre-to-bad in everything else due to a lack of caring (unless we're talking Redvivor: Egypt here)
  • Always makes late merge but frequently gets out at F4/F3
  • Will win once in a blue moon
  • Usually plays either obscure male video game references or women from media he obsesses over


  • Is almost always a male joke character, usually with some backstory he got out too early to reveal.
  • Is a mastermind
  • Makes alliances from the first minute of Day 1
  • Hits enter in the middle of sentences, separating them with a comma.
  • Plays an extremely aggressive strategic game while keeping a personality.
  • Will ask for favorites in main chat constantly anticipating the name of his character to come up.
  • Plays females even less than TBTDIF.


  • Webly RP's?
  • Was Michelle Tanner once.


  • Talks how Zac normally does, without the XD's.


  • Usually plays females!
  • Characters are usually famous people from cartoons/TV/Movies/IRL
  • Usually misspells words. .~.

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