Hornywidow mamanuca
Some Attributes
First Winner of Redvivor: Mamanuca.
Second Her husband is dead.
Third Don't want to remarry, just want SEX.
Other Attributes
Fourth Hated Sharon for killing her husband.
Fifth Released worldwide success singles "My Husband is Dead" and "Remarry (I Don't Wanna)" with the help of RandyJackson.

HornyWidow was a contestant in Redvivor: Mamanuca.

She is most remembered for being a widow looking for a guy to have sex, as well as her conflict with Sharon, as she was convinced the former was the person who killed her husband. She later bonded with RandyJackson after he decided to make HornyWidow a pop sensation, and he did as she released her singles "My Husband is Dead" and "Remarry (I Don't Wanna)". Later at final 4, her bong with Randy paid off as he decided to backstab Sharon and cause a tie for HornyWidow. HornyWidow ultimately won the tiebreak, prevailing against her nemesis, as well as won the season.


Name: HornyWidow (48)
Tribe Designation: Vomo & Mama Nuca's Children
Current Residence: Jersey City, NJ
Occupation: Housewife
Personal Claim to Fame: Being a dedicated wife and mother of three, as well as having sex with 50 guys in one night
Pet Peeves: Marrying again
Three Words to Describe You: Widow, horny, vengeful
Reason for Being on REDVIVOR: I need the money to support me and my kids after my husband's death, as well as to find a man, but just for SEX because I don't want to remarry
Why You Think You’ll Survive REDVIVOR: I've been thought so much in life, from my husband's death to a remarriage proposal and a rat smash. REDVIVOR will be easy!

Redvivor: MamanucaEdit

HornyWidow's Voting History
Episode HornyWidow's
Voted Against
1 Vomo Tribe Immune
2 No Tribal Council
3 Vomo Tribe Immune
4 Marty -
5 Randy;
6 Sharon -
7 Sharon -
8 Sharon Hunter, Sharon
Jury Votes
for HornyWidow
Dre, Ika, Rocket
Winner, Day 24


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