Igor Korotayev
Some Attributes
First 3rd place and final juror of Ovivor: Venezuela.
Second Huge fan of Survive, but went on Ovive instead.
Third Originally from Russia, but is living in Washington with his brother Boris and his dog Chip Chip.
Other Attributes
Fourth Good friends with Max Dawnsen (who happened to come to Venezuela for the loved ones visit) and Sherrin Ooisko.
Fifth ah ah ah

Igor Korotayev was a contestant from Ovivor: Venezuela and Ovivor: All-Stars. He was known for speaking in broken English, having an extremely pleasant personality but sometimes randomly freaking out, being in love with Kelley Wentworthless and Kayleigh Kurt, and talking about his beloved dog Chip Chip.

Returning for All-Stars, Igor found himself on the stronger tribes both pre- and post-swap, and aligned himself with characters such as Agatha and Eevee. He attempted to align with his newest love interest, Audrey Middleton, but she ended up betraying his alliance later on, unbeknownst to him. Once again, Igor made it to the endgame but failed to win the FIC and was booted right before FTC for the second time.


Ovivor: VenezuelaEdit

Name (Age): igor (38)
Tribe designation: fuck man i fuck forgot tribe FUCK SHIT MAN
Current residence: washengten but originale from saratov russia
Occupation: i am poor man so i do not have job but i host of big big pod cast called igor cast it is FUUUUNEY i have special guestes max dawnsen and silent piel of kale and @TheTFreddy and i go to gym a lot to get strong ah ah ah
Personal claim to fame: i am BIG BIG BIG fan of survive and i am survive super fan i interact with 10000000 contestent they all think igor very funey ah ah ah
Inspiration in life: marten luthere kng because he had dream speech it big big
Hobbies: walkeng chip chip feedeng chip chip watch survive play with boris do igor pod cast make account on survive suck
Pet peeves: when i make survive suck acount and they say i am troll no i am real igor ah ah ah and when boris fart in face when im sleep what fuck boris SO FUCK GROSS MAN an when uncel peter is in drunken rage sinse i am afraid of him when he yell
3 words to describe you: big FUUUUNEY igor
OVIVOR GEN 1 contestant you are most like: i am jud sergenete because he very big strong and yell a lot like me when boris buy drug and i see boris drug in knap sack when boris come home it bad and i get angry and yell
Reason for being on OVIVOR: i apply for survive but i am not menteley insane enogh so i go to ovive instead where i have not seen episode and i am casuele but i will still win
Why you think you'll "survive" OVIVOR: i am nice igor and GOD GOD GOD ferind and i will make black widwew bregaed two point 0 and i will domenate with hot hot hot girl like keley went worth and morgen mc lod
Why you think you will be the sole OVIVOR: i said that alredey

Ovivor: All-StarsEdit

What will you do differently this time around?: i will be verey strategey oreinted and i will prove that i am god god playere of ovive by alining with peoepel pre game like max dawnsen said because it is verey smart and i will be cut throte but not cut scrote AH AH AH that is what boris does and he is bad bad man fuck god man aslo i will win


Ovivor: VenezuelaEdit

Ovivor: All-StarsEdit


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