LA Girl
Some Attributes
First Runner-up of
Soovyver: Acre.
Second Reddy made finals (again?!)
Third Is from Britain except she's actually from Germany oops.
Other Attributes

Losangelesgirl "LA Girl" was a castaway and the eventual runner-up of Soovyver: Acre. She entered the game not caring much at all, but come the swap became a force and played both sides of the merged tribe. She lost to Aponte in a close 3-2 jury vote.

Soovyver AcreEdit

LA Girl entered the game and immediately butted-heads with Flower, who she found to be a fake bitch. She cried because people wouldn't stop bullying her and spoke slightly broken English. Her original alliance was with Allie and Amber-Kate on the Açai tribe, and they voted out New Foo (the only guy on their tribe) together. After Açai lost again, though, she and Allie turned on Amber Kate. At the swap, LA Girl attempted to betray Allie, but she was ratted out by Flower. Through some grace of God, LA Girl survived and Allie went home anyway. LA then aligned herself with Meekah. She was set to vote out Flower, but when Aponte from the other tribe gave her an idol, she forced a 1-1-1 tie, played her idol, and betrayed Meekah.

LA Girl was relieved to make the merge after everyone had bullied her the entire game. She worked herself into two final threes, one with Aponte and DyingSlut, the other with Lady and Anita (after Lady and LA had found out they were both englishwomen). LA betrayed flower, who she'd formed a brief alliance with, taking her to the final five, where she won immunity. Forced to choose between her two deals, LA chose Aponte and DyingSlut over Lady and Anita, as she knew DyingSlut would be an easy person to beat. After betraying Lady, LA found the final idol and told Aponte about it. LA played the idol that night, only to be shocked that the rest of her alliance had voted against her. LA started breaking down during the Final Immunity Challenge, especially after she lost to Aponte. Ultimately, she made it to the Final Tribal and narrowly lost to Aponte in a close 3-2 vote.

Voting HistoryEdit

LA Girl's Voting History
Day LA Girl's
Voted Against
LA Girl
1 New Foo -
2 Amber-Kate -
3 Allie -
4 Meekah; Meekah Flower
5 Flower -
6 Lady Hambury Individual Immunity
7 Anita Anita, Aponte, DyingSlut
8 Ineligible -
Jury Votes
for LA Girl
DyingSlut, Flower
Runner-Up, Day 27

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