Some Attributes
First Fourth place finisher and final jury member of Epicvivor: Cameroon.
Second Very, very Italian.
Third Loves running and bananas.
Other Attributes
Fourth Despises NakedToad.

Laurianne was a contestant in Epicvivor: Cameroon. Laurianne entered the game being an Italian runner who was obsessed with fitness (and bananas), not eating and John Green novels. When she saw NakedToad, she revealed that she harbored a deep hatred for him and basically spent the entire rest of the game harassing him (and running/swimming 8 miles every day) until his boot.

She returned for Epicvivor: All-Stars, along with NakedToad, whom she continued to harass for the entire duration of the game. She also started a fierce rivalries with Derk and KatieKatie, both of whom got voted out fairly early. She was finally booted at the final five when she was the only person not immune or with an idol.

Laurianne's best friend, Bernice, eventually competed in Epicvivor: Gabon.


Name (Age): Laurianne ViIIafranca (15)
Tribe Designation: Force
Current Residence: Somewhere, MI
Occupation: Student
Personal Claim to Fame: My diet only consists of bananaicecream at this point and I can run a 10 minute 5K !
Inspiration in Life: Courtney Yates because she was very, very thin and still did stuff !
Hobbies: Forcing my best friend to have sleepovers at my house so she won't hang out with NakedToad all the time
Pet Peeves: NakedToad's mere existence, and the internet ... I DESPISE THE INTERNET !
3 Words to Describe You: Obsessed with bananas !
EPICVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like: My favorite contestant of all time is CatValentine, I liked her spirit !
Reason for being on EPICVIVOR: I am the most competitive person I know, so I want to WIN !
Why you think you'll "epicvive" EPICVIVOR: I'm naturally very good with people ! Unless Toad is there ...
Why you think you will be the sole EPICVIVOR: Because I'm very fast and healthy !


Epicvivor: CameroonEdit

Epicvivor: All-StarsEdit


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