Melanie "Mel" Martinez was a contestant on Redvivor Sweden and did not make the plane for Redvivor: Second Chances

Melanie Martinez



Some Attributes
First 10th place in Redvivor: Sweden
Second Her relationship with Zac.
Third D O L L H O U S E, I see things that nobody else sees.
Other Attributes
Fourth Cast for Redvivor: Japan - Second Chances.
Fifth #TeamCarousel

Redvivor: SwedenEdit

Melaine started out playing dolls with DeeDee. Before the game, she, DeeDee, and Dexter made the #DOLLHOUSE alliance. Then Mel and Dexter were placed on Squishy and DeeDee on Svard. Mel quickly became friends with Zac, Dakota, LSP, and Alex while Dexter isolated himself from the tribe. She always said something like, "D O L L H O U S E, I see things that nobody else sees!" Zac wanted Dakota out because Dakta didn't like dolls. Mel told Dakota, which led up to her team hating her. Then they forgave and forget. With Fig still in, most people got sick and such. Mel started to be attracted to Zac, but the potion Dakota gave to her stated to make him gay. Then she made him suck on  doll to get better. Zac and Mel started falling for eachother when Zac gave little doll items to Mel. The Squishy tribe won the first 3 challenges and never lost. During tribe switch the girls and Dakota stayed on Squishy while the other guys switched to Svard. Sheila quit, much to her dismay. The tribe ended up winning and never lost a pre-merge challenge.

Mel merged with everyone else and was so excited to see Zac. She ran and hugged him. In a secret scene, She kissed Zac, so they started a relationship. For the first merged challenge, she submitted Glitterfabulous as the merged tribe name and lost to Max. That night, she was voted out in a 5-3-2 voted between her, Dakota, and Rodney. She kissed Zac good-bye and was eliminated. Mel voted for Zac to win, which he did.

Melaine's Voting History
Episode Melaine's
Voted Against
1 Squishy Tribe Immune
Squishy Tribe Immune
2 Squishy Tribe Immune
Squishy Tribe Immune
3 Squishy Tribe Immune
Squishy Tribe Immune
4 No Tribal Council
Squishy Tribe Immune
5 Rodney Dakota, Eglantine, Max, Rodney, LSP
Voted Out, Day 15
Voted for
Sole Redvivor

Redvivor: Japan - Second ChancesEdit

Melanie was originally supposed to be on Second Chances, but she saw a puppy at the airport and went to pet it. During that time, Taylor snuck onto the plane, when Melanie went to get back on, the plane had already left, due to Taylor's persuading skills to the pilot.


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