Some Attributes
First 6th Place in Redvivor: Australia.
Second That was fun.
Third Screwed over at final six.
Other Attributes
Fourth Where's Bob?

Midge is a castaway on Redvivor: Australia. She finished in 6th Place. She is most remembered for being in a strange situation in which she was the only one at the Day 18 Tribal Council without immunity and was then automatically eliminated.

Redvivor: AustraliaEdit

Midge's Voting History
Day Midge's
Voted Against
1 Myra -
3 No Tribal Council
YellowPikmin -
6 OmegleMonster (x2) -
9 Norwood -
12 Russell -
15 Carter -
18 Angel Angel (x2), DudePerfect, Norwood
Voted Off, Day 18
Voted for
Sole Redvivor

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