Cast Edit

Contestant Season User Days Lasted
Tanya Canada Shadowgeoff 1
Popper Canada ThatEpic 1
RiverDancer Canada Unknown 2
Michelle Canada Dr. Fiz 3
BillClinton Canada NateNJ14 4
Lilli Canada Ben109 5
Eeyore Canada BrunoSomebody 6
LindsayLohan Canada Mr. Blonde 7
Janita Canada SoaringSpirits 8
Spinser Canada Avery FireFlame 8

Voting History Edit

Castaway 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Spinser Popper Clinton Clinton Lilli Eeyore Lindsay WINNER
Janita Bathtub Eeyore Clinton Lilli Eeyore Lindsay RUNNER-UP
LindsayLohan River Clinton Lilli Eeyore Janita Spinser
Eeyore River Clinton Janita Spinser Spinser
Lilli River Clinton Spinser Janita
BillClinton Spinser Michelle ???
MichelleObama Popper Spinser
RiverDancer Eeyore
Popper Clinton
Tanya DIED

Rankings Edit

Ranking Username Player Name Main Season Other Seasons
10 Unknown RiverDancer Canada None
*screams out of poop* I dunno... Something like that! This character was pretty pointless, not going to lie, it was funny laughing at how stupid it was... Sometimes! But overall just extremely annoying!
9 NateNJ14 BillClinton Canada None
Eww, fucking annoying! This character would just talk and talk, and I was just praying he would go early, so he wouldn't ruin the RP! Thankfully my prayers were answered and he left... <3! Waste of a character!
8 That Epic Popper Canada None
Popper didn't really do much, but he was a funny UTRP attitude, and I was actually rooting for him! (Huge Popper SFC Fan) He left at the right time though, but I wouldn't be against seeing him again!
7 ShadowGeoff Tanya Canada None
Even though Tanya was the first boot, I did quite enjoy her! Her death was very funny, and was very memorable, *TANYA... UMM DIED??* XD I'd consider her to return for another season and die again!
6 Dr.Fiz MichelleObama Canada None
At first Michelle Obama seemed very boring and dull, and more of a secondary character! But later on in the game, she started to rub on me, and I actually became quite fond of her character!
5 Ben109 Lilli Canada None
Lilli was hilarious, she wasn't exactly a loud character, however when she talked, her lines were very amusing! Definitely one of my favourites this season, and glad she made if far in the game! GJ Ben!
4 SoaringSpirits Janita Canada None
A very weird character, with random things to say, however I worked... Very well! For sure one of Liam's best characters, she was just great across the board, really glad she got to do well in the game! GJ Liam!
3 Mr.Blonde LindsayLohen Canada None
This character was amazing... I don't think Dylan realizes how great she was! For example for confusing the Math Challenge for a Meth one <3! One of my favourites, and would love to see her again! GJ Dylan!
2 BrunoSomebody Eeyore Canada None
Amazing Parody <3! I loved how he was so depressed, and didn't care about the game... At all! For sure a fan favourite, and one of my favourites as well! Eeyore needs to return, I love him! GJ Bruno!
1 Avery FireFlame Spinser Canada None
Spinser was g.odly! <3 He was so perfect and hilarious to watch! I was rooting for him from the start, but actually was quite surprised when he won! Hope to see him back soon! GJ Avery on #1!

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