Ranking Username Player Name Placing Main Season Other Seasons
10 Unknown RiverDancer 8/10 Canada None
*screams out of poop* I dunno... Something like that! This character was pretty pointless, not going to lie, it was funny laughing at how stupid it was... Sometimes! But overall just extremely annoying!
9 NateNJ14 BillClinton 6/10 Canada None
Eww, fucking annoying! This character would just talk and talk, and I was just praying he would go early, so he wouldn't ruin the RP! Thankfully my prayers were answered and he left... <3! Waste of a character!
8 That Epic Popper 9/10 Canada None
Popper didn't really do much, but he was a funny UTRP attitude, and I was actually rooting for him! (Huge Popper SFC Fan) He left at the right time though, but I wouldn't be against seeing him again!
7 ShadowGeoff Tanya 10/10 Canada None
Even though Tanya was the first boot, I did quite enjoy her! Her death was very funny, and was very memorable, *TANYA... UMM DIED??* XD I'd consider her to return for another season and die again!
6 Dr.Fiz MichelleObama 6/10 Canada None
At first Michelle Obama seemed very boring and dull, and more of a secondary character! But later on in the game, she started to rub on me, and I actually became quite fond of her character!
5 Ben109 Lilli 5/10 Canada None
Lilli was hilarious, she wasn't exactly a loud character, however when she talked, her lines were very amusing! Definitely one of my favourites this season, and glad she made if far in the game! GJ Ben!
4 SoaringSpirits Janita 2/10 Canada None
A very weird character, with random things to say, however I worked... Very well! For sure one of Liam's best characters, she was just great across the board, really glad she got to do well in the game! GJ Liam!
3 Mr.Blonde LindsayLohen 3/10 Canada None
This character was amazing... I don't think Dylan realizes how great she was! For example for confusing the Math Challenge for a Meth one <3! One of my favourites, and would love to see her again! GJ Dylan!
2 BrunoSomebody Eeyore 4/10 Canada None
Amazing Parody <3! I loved how he was so depressed, and didn't care about the game... At all! For sure a fan favourite, and one of my favourites as well! Eeyore needs to return, I love him! GJ Bruno!
1 Avery FireFlame Spinser 1/10 Canada None
Spinser was g.odly! <3 He was so perfect and hilarious to watch! I was rooting for him from the start, but actually was quite surprised when he won! Hope to see him back soon! GJ Avery on #1!

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