Yeah fuck write-ups

the listEdit

Ezekiel (Redvivor: Hawaii & All-Stars/11th & 1st)
Linwood Boomer (Firevivor: The Sahara, Cape Horn, Ecuador, & Blood vs Water/6th, 6th, 6th, & 1st)
Max (Redvivor: Sweden/5th)
Chef Bobby (Firevivor: Redemption Island/2nd)
Jazmyne The Noob (Toadvivor: Norway/5th)
Cassandra (TV Stars: Broadway/6th)
Mike and Richard (Redvivor: Philippines & Firedvivor/5th & 4th)
Nate (Epicvivor: Gabon/4th)
King Marshall (Finale: Berwick Castle & All-Stars/7th & 7th)
King Alfonso (Dravivor: Tahiti & Second Chances/12th & 6th)
Brittnay Matthews (Ovivor Turkey & Fans vs Favorites/7th & 8th)
Plankton (TV Stars: Las Vegas/6th)
Ceili (Firevivor: South Pacific/7th)
Fedora Kid (Redvivor: Egypt/3rd)
Sergeant Hilarson (Epicvivor Egypt & Heroes vs Villains/8th & 5th)
Okemos Douche (Toadvivor: Michigan/10th)
Frank Johnson (Finale: Yukon/5th)
Lightning (Redvivor: Redemption Island/4th)
Harvey Danger (Toadvivor: Greece/15th)
Diamond (Firevivor: Blood vs Water/18th)
Josh Nichols (Firevivor: North Pole/9th)
Will (Finale: Oaxaca/4th)
Norwood Boomer (Redvivor: Australia/6th)
John Linnell (Firevivor: Robot Pirate Island/2nd)
West (Epicvivor: Japan/11th)
Max Zorbel (Survivor: IRC Desert/4th)
Lovely Allen (Epicvivor: Midway Island/9th)
Weeaboo Todd (Redvivor: Cook Islands/12th)
Rather Large Fish (CKSurvivor: Singapore/6th)
Dave Sherwood (RedSurvivor II/2nd)
Cherman (Epicvivor: Cursed Islands/9th)
Billy Corgan (Ovivor: El Salvador/9th)
Millbourne (Survivor: IRC Hollywood/8th)
Quinn (Finale: Broadway/11th)
Robert (Firevivor: Gabon/13th)
NotMystery (Survivor: Acre/10th)
Microsoft Sam (Dravivor Shifting Islands/9th)

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