Ranking Character Season Placing Reason
19 NotMystery Survivor: Acre 11th lol I didn't even want to RP in this. I remember doing absolutely nothing in this and getting out like fourth, and the host hated me. gg me
18 Millbourne Survivor IRC: Hollywood 8th I remember nothing about this character. But I remember him sucking.
17 Dave Sherwood RedSurvivor II 2nd Dave was really, really boring.He had no real personality, then he won tons of challenges and lost a jury vote. Chef Bobby 0.3 NEXT
16 Microsoft Sam Dravivor 4 9th Microsoft Sam... was kinda fun I guess? I remember he faded into the background a lot and didn't really do too much. I enjoyed playing him though.
15 Max Survivor IRC: Desert 4th Ah, my first RP. Max was pretty boring, and I remember him being almost exclusively a gamebot, but since he was my first character EVER it is kinda funny I managed to bumblefuck my way into the top four for no reason.
14 Billy Corgan Ovivor: El Salvador 7th Billy was my first OTTN rage early boot... sadly he was a little less than amazing. He was annoying to people but I kinda liked playing as him. Oh well.
13 John Linnell Firevivor: Robot Pirate Island 2nd John lol. I remember him just being so laughably useless. I enjoyed it. I would randomly come up and do random bullshit then sink back into the shadows and I randomly made the top two. It was fun tbh
12 Rather Large Fish CKSurvivor: Singapore 5th Rather Large Fish was a really simplistic character, but I feel like he was fun as just a UTR character. However, he lasted a little too long imo and he got kinda boring. But for a while he was a fun little character.
11 Josh Nichols Firevivor: North Pole N/A
Josh was one of my first, and still one of my more memorable characters. He's just a really funny character to play as, and he was the first NPC ever in an RP so <3. He is pretty iconic and overall fun, but my love for his character has diminished over the months so he lands here.
10 Ceili Firevivor: South Pacific 7th The first female character to appear on this list :o But yeah, Ceili was a fun bitchy character done right imo. She's not my best or anything, but playing as her was pretty fun. However. I later made a better bitchy character so Ceili is left here. :(
9 Norwood Boomer Redvivor: Australia 5th Norwood was fun to play because at the time, it was before BvW and I had grown sick of playing Linwood-esque players, so I decided "why not play the EXACT opposite of him?" aka a nurturing, caring, loving person. Her hatred of Russell for being evil was really fun to play out but near the end she kinda burnt out, but she wound up quitting so the others could go forward so that was c00t.
8 Okemos Douche Toadvivor: Michigan 12th The Okemos Douche was an extreme last minute character, and he is another OTTN early boot of mine. He was a pretty fun douchey character to play. Him being ambiguously gay, constantly hitting on the chicks and asking to see their tits and other very crude behavior, and his anger issues were pretty fun to play as, sadly, I lost motivation at times and I didn't really got too far, so he ends up here.
7 Ezekiel Redvivor: Hawaii 11th Ezekiel is just a character I love. I mentioned in my Billy writeup I seem to play lots of OTTN early boots. Ezekiel just embodies that fully. Had Betsy not been so terrible, I am almost certain Ezekiel would've gone home first. But he didn't, and that opened up even more interactions in and of itself, including the Kat and Ezekiel feud, which I really loved just because of how seemingly random it was. I really enjoyed playing him and I am excited that he might by in Reddy's all-star season.
6 King Alfonso Dravivor: Tahiti 12th Alfonso was a last minute character. Someone dropped out (Mana?) and I am so happy he did. Alfonso was fantastic. His advances on everyone, his showmance with Turid. It was all great. Sadly I suck at challenges and I lost on RI.
5 Sergeant Hilarson Epicvivor 1 9th Sergeant originally was just a complete throwaway character imo and probably would've placed near Max and Billy, but then he returned to HvV. This is where Sergeant really propelled into stardom. He just became a complete trainwreck and being completely loyal to his team while hating almost all of them to some degree. He also has made it pretty far so far (before the hiatus). The thing that drags him down is his first appearance, which was fairly lackluster.
Epicvivor: Heroes vs Villains TBD
4 Mike & Richard Redvivor: Philippines 5th Mike and Richard is just a really cool concept. They were the resident "straight men" in Philippines despite being conjoined twins, along with being completely unaware of how to play Survivor, since the applied for TAR and were instead shifted to Redvivor at the last second (<3). Then they returned to Firedvivor and became a MOR(N) force and was essentially second in command to Myra the whole time. Overall he was just pretty fun to play as and I'd probably play him a third time if needed.
Firedvivor: Fire vs Reddy 4th
3 Chef Bobby Firevivor: Redemption Island 2nd Chef Bobby <3 Going in I had little expectations for him but he just blew them away for me. I feel like Bobby is a one of a kind character for me since I utterly suck at challenges usually, but somehow I managed to really just completely dominate the challenges all while keeping a very loud and abrasive personality through it. Essentially it's as if one of my early OTTN boots made it the whole way. If I recall correctly, he was pretty much always on the outs, so frustrating my competition by constantly winning was pretty fun. Sadly, he was beaten by Kass in the finale.

Out of all of my "great" characters, I feel like he is the one I most hesitant to play again as, like, I probably would, but I feel like his legacy has already been cemented so I don't really want to ruin it. Chef Bobby was a one of a kind.

Top 3: Linwood, Chef Bobby, Brittnay

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