Some Attributes
First He joined the RP from a cancelled Firevivor.
Second His relationship with Grandma.
Third Voting Grandma out so she could get medical attention.
Other Attributes
Fourth Making a petition to vote out Belle in the cancelled Finale.
Nolan was a competitor on a cancelled Finale, who eventually moved on to Epicvivor: Cambodia, where he ended up winning the competition with no votes against him. He was two votes away from a Perfect Game. He returned in Nalyd's Survivor: Samoa, where he made final tribal council again with Larissa in the epicvivor alliance. He was the runner up thanks to a (bad) twist that counted coach votes as jury votes.

Epicvivor: CambodiaEdit

Nolan's Voting History
Day Nolan's
Voted Against
3 Biron -
6 Skeletor -
9 Cecelia -
12 Lover -
15 Lenny -
18 Felicity -
21 Grandma -
Winner, Day 21
Votes for Nolan

Grandma, Lenny,


Nalyd's Survivor: SamoaEdit

Nolan's Voting History
Day Nolan's
Voted Against
3 TwinkBabyJim Individual Immunity
6 Wendell BillCosby
9 Cthulhu BillCosby, Cthulhu
12 BillCosby Individual Immunity
15 Ineligible -
Runner Up, Day 18
Captain Votes for Nolan 6

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