George "Pornstache" Mendez


Some Attributes
First 10th Place in Finale: Berwick.
Second Remembered for being a macho man and sexual deviant
Third Leader of the #PornstachesBitches Alliance
Other Attributes
Fourth Snuck into Sherlock's room every night, believing it was a girl's room
Fifth Was outed by Sherlock as remotely bi-curious.

Pornstache was a contestant in Finale: Berwick. He received 10th Place out of 14, and was the leader of the #PornstachesBitches alliance, which consisted of him, KingMarshall, Jessica, Tiffany, Sherlock, Lila (who was eliminated early), and Twitter (who betrayed him). Pornstache constantly made graphic sexual comments and felt dehumanized and discriminated for being a man.



  • He was played by Fanny.
  • Is based off of the character, Pornstache, from Orange Is The New Black.
  • Many of the things Pornstache said on the show were incorporated into his character for Finale. 

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